Measuring our Impact (CIRC)

Impact 100 ensures that the grants awarded to local nonprofits improve our community now and into the future. The Community Investment Review Committee (CIRC) is a volunteer group of Impact 100 members who review the financial aspects of the grant applications and follow up with past grant recipients. Below are two forms available for grant recipients to use to update Impact 100 on the status of the grant and the benefit to our community.


About Community Investment Review Committee (CIRC)

The role of CIRC members include:

  1. The review of both the proposed project budgets and the financial health of the underlying organization for current grant applicants prior to becoming a finalist.
  2. Serving as a source of financial expertise to the five focus area review committees as they review the applicants.
  3. The follow up and review of the financial aspects of previous grant winners and their respective projects.

If you are interested in serving on CIRC, please contact the CIRC chair.

CHAIR: Andrea Flora


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