Eligibility Requirements

Please note that Impact 100 has a two-step application process, utilizing a Letter of Intent (LOI), followed by the Greater Cincinnati Common Grant Application.  Refer to the calendar on the right to see our current application process timeline.

Organizations that apply to Impact 100 must meet the following eligibility requirements.  Use this reference to see if you qualify.

  • We are a 501(c)(3) or 509(a) public charity with a certificate or letter of status as a pdf;
  • We have identified a program or project clearly within Impact 100’s eligibility guidelines;
    • targets a defined population;
    • for a defined duration;
    • with defined, measurable goals;
    • in the 10 counties in the regional Tri-State area;
    • will use $100,000 grant.
  •  We will select the proper focus area under which a proposal will be considered.
  •  We will stay within the character limits outlined in the LOI and Common Grant.
  •  We will clearly state what we will do, how we will spend the grant monies, and why funding is requested.
  •  We will have approval from our Executive Director and/or Board President to pursue this funding.

While these are the minimum expectations for nonprofits to apply to Impact 100, the 2017 Grant Cycle introduced the Viability Checklist which outlines expectations for a nonprofit to be a viable finalist candidate within Impact 100.






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