Grant Recipients

Our grant recipients are chosen from five focus areas:

Culture, Education, Environment, Family and Health & Wellness.



2016 Grant Recipients

    The Dinner Club & Kitchenette.
    Purchase the required commercial stove hood as part of the new St. Anthony Center Dinner Club to provide the homeless breakfast and dinners 5 days per week. Additionally, fund a new kitchenette for the in-house respite care unit which provides post-hospitalization care & services for the homeless.
    Project Mustang.
    Expand the program to save wild mustangs, but more importantly, to serve 300 veterans annually suffering from PTSD as part of a proven alternative treatment where the veterans train mustangs for traditional equine therapy roles.
  • WOMEN’S CRISIS CENTER: ($101,500 Grant)
    Expand Green Dot Violence Prevention Program.
    Expand the Green Dot program to 3 additional high schools in Northern Kentucky based on the success locally in changing behaviors, attitudes & responses to witnessed acts of violence and the successes documented by the University of Kentucky program originators.
    Constructing a Pathway Out of Poverty
    Program. Expand the Woodward Career Technical High School program by developing & implementing a practical, application-based math program in the middle schools to increase eligible placement of students into the high school program which prepares them to enter the construction trade.

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2015 Grant Recipients

  • Freestore Foodbank  ($101,000 Grant)
    Project: Healthy Harvest Mobile Market. The grant will promote healthy eating through the purchase of a mobile market that will sell fresh produce in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky region, reaching families which do not have access to fresh, nutritious foods.
  • Activities Beyond The Classroom ($101,000 Grant)
    Project: Hughes High School Recreation Center. The grant will renovate the empty Krueck Center pool space at Hughes High School into a vibrant athletic facility for the school’s extracurricular programs, which can also be used as a community recreation center.
  • May We Help ($101,000 Grant)
    Project: Workshop Equipment Purchase project. The grant will purchase machinery for the newly renovated workshop to facilitate the design and manufacture of assistive devices for those living with special needs, enabling the creation of over 100 unique devices per year.
  • SELF: Supports to Encourage Low-income Families ($101,000 Grant)
    Project: Build-up Academy. The grant will double the capacity of the Build-Up Academy program which trains, educates and mentors under/unemployed young adults so they can gain employment in the construction field.

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2014 Grant Recipients

  • Literacy Network of Greater Cincinnati  ($109,000 Grant)
    Project: The Basic Literacy Program Expansion: Adult and Children. The grant will be used to reach new under-served audiences with literacy programs via opening of new hubs in Avondale and Price Hill.
  • Price Hill Will’s MYCincinnati ($109,000 Grant)
    Project: MY Cincinnati (“Music for Youth”) Program. The grant will expand the capacity of the program by doubling the hours and expanding the ages of children served through its classical music program.
  • Community Matters ($109,000 Grant)
    Project: The Washing Well Program. The grant will fund the building of a community laundromat in the Community Matters complex to allow Lower Price Hill residents access to laundry facilities, which are not currently available in the area

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2013 Grant Recipients

  • Crayons to Computers ($108,000 Grant)
    The Impact 100 grant will allow Crayons to Computers to establish a Mobile Service Delivery Program, to deliver the most requested and most needed school supplies directly to the teachers and the schools. 
  • Easter Seals TriState’s Building Value ($108,000 Grant)
    The Impact 100 grant will allow Building Value to expand its deconstruction program and launch a new lot stabilization and maintenance service.  

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2012 Grant Recipients

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2011 Grant Recipients

2010 Grant Recipients

  • Starfire  ($109,000 Grant) 
    The Impact 100 grant helped to expand Starfire U, a one of a kind program designed for young people with disabilities to continue their social and personal development beyond high school. 
  • Dress for Success Cincinnati ($109,000 Grant) 
    Dress for Success (DfSC) received funds to launch a new mobile outreach program that expanded its ability to serve women who have difficulty reaching the DfSC downtown location.  

2009 Grant Recipients

  • Economics Center ($103,000 Grant) 
    Economics Center for Education & Research builds a more vibrant community by inspiring students to appreciate and use their economic freedom and opportunities.  With the Impact 100 grant, StEP expanded to five new schools. 
  • Lighthouse Youth Services ($103,000 Grant) 
    Lighthouse Youth Services, Inc. received Impact 100 funding to increase the hours of operation of the Anthony House Project from 10 hours a week to 25 hours a week.

2008 Grant Recipients

  • Freestore Foodbank ($111,000 Grant)
    The Impact 100 grant helped the Power Pack Program increase the number of schools served, thereby assisting more children. 
  • IKRON ($111,000 Grant)
    The mission of IKRON is to assist adults and youth who use IKRON services to attain greater self sufficiency, live comfortable lives and obtain employment whenever possible.  The Impact 100 grant provided funds to renovate the third floor of their current building to serve additional clients and eliminate the waiting list.

2007 Grant Recipients

  • Cincinnati Works ($108,500 Grant)
    The Impact 100 grant of $108,500 funded an 18 month pilot program – The Next Step NetWORK.  This program utilized Cincinnati Works proven employment model with young adults ranging from 17 ½ to 24 years of age, who have aged out of the foster care system. 
  • Elementz ($108,500 Grant)
    Hip Hop Arts Center: Elementz works to empower young people in the downtown Over the Rhine area of Cincinnati by supporting the legitimacy and potential of the hip hop arts as a way for youth to learn and grow in a safe environment which emphasizes respect for property and for all people.  The Impact 100 grant of $108,500, paid over 2 years, allows for the implementation of Elementz’s strategic plan. 

2006 Grant Recipients

  • Cincinnati Health Network ($129,000 Grant)
    The Impact 100 grant of $129,000 funded the Health Care for the Homeless Program.   This program utilizes a mobile medical unit which travels to various shelters and street locations to maximize availability of comprehensive health care services to the homeless population. 
  • Wyoming Fine Arts Center ($129,000 Grant)
    The Impact 100 grant of $129,000 funded an expansion of the Touchstone Project to additional schools.  The Touchstone Project helps at-risk children achieve greater success in school through music instruction and performance. 

2005 Grant Recipients

  • Project Connect ($112,000 Grant)
    The purpose of the fund is to support the efforts of Project Connect, a Cincinnati Public School program keeping children experiencing homelessness connected to their education through advocacy, enrollment/transportation assistance, school supplies, uniforms and enrichment services.  The Impact 100 grant of $112,000 allowed this pilot program to be continued for 2 years in full capacity.
  • Cornerstone Renter Equity & Over the Rhine Community Housing  ($112,000 Grant)
    The Impact 100 grant of $112,000 supported the Community Views Renter Equity program at the 12 units in Community Views.  Families earn credits in a financial account as they pay their rent on time, perform janitorial assignments, take care of the grounds and participate in management meetings.

2004 Grant Recipients

  • Redwood ($105,500 Grant)
    Redwood School and Rehabilitation Center is a daytime facility that assists people with disabilities to function to their highest potential in the family and community by providing educational, therapeutic and vocational programs and life experience.  The Impact 100 grant of $105,500 was used to create and expand an accessible food service area for their adult clients.  
  • W.E.B. DuBois Academy ($105,500 Grant)
    The Impact 100 grant of $105,500 funded DuBois Academy’s Exploratorium, a community science discovery and exploration center.  Students are from economically disadvantaged families – 90% of students’ families’ incomes are below the poverty level.

2003 Grant Recipients

  • Tender Mercies ($184,000 Grant)
    Tender Mercies provides single-room apartments in 7 Over-the Rhine buildings for more than 100 formerly homeless people afflicted with mental illness.Impact 100′s $184,000 grant facilitated a broad infrastructure upgrade to enhance residents’ quality of life and that of the surrounding community. 

2002 Grant Recipients

  • CincySmiles (formerly known as: Greater Cincinnati Oral Health Council) ($123,000 Grant)
    The $123,000 Impact 100 grant provided equipment for 5 New Dental Treatment Rooms to serve the greater Cincinnati area’s homeless individuals and families at the McMicken Dental Center for the Homeless.




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