2002 Grant Recipients

Greater Cincinnati Oral Health Council –  

McMicken Dental Center for the Homeless ($123,000 Grant)

The McMicken Dental Center opened in 2001 with equipment that was 21 years old and had served about 120,000 patient visits.  The equipment was designed prior to control of cross contamination for AIDS, Hepatitis and TB.  The equipment was falling apart in the hands of the staff, and the Clinic was facing closure without new equipment.

The $123,000 Impact 100 grant provided equipment for 5 New Dental Treatment Rooms to serve the greater Cincinnati area’s homeless individuals and families.  There are no government grants that provide funding for dental equipment.

The $123,000 grant purchased the new dental equipment which assured the continuation and expansion of services to the homeless population – increasing their potential to become self sufficient.  The clinic serves approximately 2,000 – 3,000 people every year and may have as many as 5,500 dental visits.  With an equipment life of 20 years, Impact 100 has assured the ability of the clinic to continue to operate, treating 40,000 to 60,000 people and accounting for upwards of 100,000 dental visits.   


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