2003 Grant Recipients

Tender Mercies ($184,000 Grant)

Tender Mercies was founded in 1985 by three clergymen working among the homeless in the Over-the-Rhine area of Cincinnati.  Currently, Tender Mercies provides single-room apartments in 7 Over-the Rhine buildings for more than 100 formerly homeless people afflicted with mental illness.  Each resident rents their own room but they share common bathrooms and dining facilities.  New residents are offered clean bedding, hygiene supplies and assisted with procuring government benefits.  One hot meal a day is furnished and referrals to case managers and psychiatric services.  Most importantly, Tender Mercies arranges for 24 hours supervision so that residents feel safe and take their medication.

Tender Mercies’ 7 buildings, located in Cincinnati’s redevelopment zone, are nearly 150 years old. They are antiquated and require constant maintenance.  Impact 100’s $184,000 grant facilitated a broad infrastructure upgrade to enhance residents’ quality of life and that of the surrounding community.  The Impact 100 grant was combined with a $116,000 matching grant from the City of Cincinnati and $18,000 grant from the Mayerson Foundation. Renovations outlined below were completed with the funding from these grants.

The Impact 100 grant:

  •  Replaced a boiler leaking natural gas that was only warming residents’ rooms to 60 degrees.        
  •  Created a 1st floor kitchen/laundry in the women’s building to replace an eerie basement facility.
  •  Created a handicapped-accessible bathroom so those with physical limitations can continue to live there.
  • Installed a keyless entry system in all buildings for safety purposes.
  • Replaced tattered and hazardous flooring.
  • Upgraded other systems in serious disrepair such as electric wiring, leaky plumbing and damaged roofing.


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