2004 Grant Recipients

Redwood School and Rehabilitation Center ($105,500 Grant)

Redwood School and Rehabilitation Center is a daytime facility that assists people with disabilities to function to their highest potential in the family and community by providing educational, therapeutic and vocational programs and life experience.  It has been serving adults and children in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati since its founding by parents in 1953.  Since 1977 Redwood has been operating in an expanded version of the original building which was enlarged to serve 150.

Redwood is in the midst of an expansion project that is expected to cost nearly $6,000,000.  Redwood raised $4.7 million and awarded a $500,000 matching grant for every dollar raised over $4.7 million.  Project has begun and certain projects have been deferred until funding obtained.  The Impact 100 grant of $105,500 was used to restore one of the deferred projects – creating an expanded and accessible food service area for their adult clients.  Since many of the disabled adults have difficulty eating typical food and/or are unable to feed themselves, they may get little to eat at home and are frequently functionally malnourished.  The previous kitchen was inaccessible to wheelchairs.  Consequently, the adults in wheelchairs are unable to select their own food and beverages.  The new adult kitchen serves more people, more quickly and effectively and allows them greater independence and choice.  


W.E.B. DuBois Academy ($105,500 Grant)

The W.E.B. DuBois Academy, a charter school in Over-the-Rhine, serves students throughout Cincinnati.  Students are from economically disadvantaged families – 90% of students’ families incomes are below the poverty level. The DuBois Academy uses the standard state allowance to cover tuition, transportation, meals, uniforms, school supplies, field trips and athletic activities.

The Impact 100 grant of $105,500 funded DuBois Academy’s Exploratorium, a community science discovery and exploration center.   The center serves 250 DuBois students and 150 neighborhood children.  Programs occur during and after school and on weekends.  The grant was used to prepare the facility for science use and acquire materials – hardware, science kits and supplies.

The Impact 100 grant was combined with a $2,000 grant from ING for equipping the facility and acquisition of learning materials.  All salaries, operational and building usage costs are covered by the school’s budget.  Local organizations have committed volunteers to run weekend activities.  In addition, The National Society of Black Engineers and The Ohio Math and Science Coalition will partner with the DuBois Academy for technical support and sponsored science competitions.   

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