Our grant finalists support the greater Cincinnati community in many ways, impacting Culture, Education, Environment, Family, and Health & Wellness.
The 2021 grant finalists are:
Youth Jazz Cincinnati project
The Youth Jazz Cincinnati program offers students the opportunity to study and experience jazz music – inspiring them to develop creative abilities and enabling interactions with professional musicians. Kennedy Heights Arts Center is proposing to expand their Youth Jazz Cincinnati program to serve 175 students from 19 Cincinnati Public Schools.  They will provide a daily after-school intensive program of free music education with an emphasis on jazz for students in grades 4-12.
Community Navigator program
RefugeeConnect helps refugees overcome barriers and connects them to community resources – including academic, social, economic and health-related resources.  RefugeeConnect’s mission is to empower people who were forced to leave their country to escape war, persecution or natural disaster so that they can thrive in America.  RefugeeConnect is requesting funds to expand their Community Navigator program to serve an additional 100 families.
Common Orchard project
The Common Orchard Project turns vacant, unused urban lots into sources of fresh food, community connection and pockets of green space.   The simple idea of planting orchards on vacant lots in food insecure neighborhoods is one of the building blocks for a more resilient, sustainable community.  They are seeking funding to create 30 new orchards on vacant lots.  When expansion is complete, their orchards will produce ~600,000 pounds of fresh fruit in the next 10 years and help transform neighborhoods.
“Access for All: Breakthrough Cincinnati Advances Equity in Education.”
Breakthrough Cincinnati closes the academic gap that limits opportunity and success.  They intervene just before middle school with a 6-week summer enrichment course to keep promising students on track.  They provide this rigorous academic programming to middle school students who lack access to these resources in their marginalized community schools. In partnership with the North College Hill School District, Access for All will serve 160 students when the four-year ramp-up is complete.
My Mobile Library project
The “My Mobile Library” project will bridge the digital divide by providing a Mobile Library vehicle outfitted with Wi-Fi, computers, printers and other technology as well as dedicated assistance to teach residents in the “Library Desert” areas of East Westwood/North Fairmont, Lincoln Heights/Lockland, Evanston, Winton Hills and Camp Washington. This project will expand the Library’s footprint by increasing digital access to support the day-to-day needs of residents like applying for jobs. 
Trauma Recovery Center project
The Seven Hills Trauma Recovery Center provides crisis intervention to trauma victims. Seven Hills is seeking funding to relocate the Trauma Recovery Center from its current location, housed in a community building with several other programs and services, to a dedicated, refurbished building.  The new facility will provide a more private, safe and family-like environment along with increased care services, including emergency shelter for trauma victims. Funds will be used to renovate and furnish space to provide an emergency shelter for trauma victims.