Your Trust. Your Impact.

Dear fellow Impact 100 members,

I am beyond THRILLED to inform you that Impact 100 has decided to donate $68,000 to the COVID-19 Regional Response Fund and to leverage it as a 1:1 matching opportunity to the community.

This fund is focused on getting flexible resources to community-based organizations that are supporting families and neighborhoods most negatively affected by the coronavirus outbreak.  It is helping meet immediate needs related to food insecurity, housing and shelter, medical needs, childcare, and elder care.

As you know, a COVID-19 response subcommittee was formed to look at two questions:

  1. What is Impact 100 called to do during the COVID-19 Pandemic that aligns with our mission, vision and values?
  2. How is Impact 100 uniquely positioned to help or make an impact during this crisis?

As a result of this work, it was determined that the COVID-19 Regional Response Fund best met the mission, vision and goals of Impact 100.

The next crucial part of this process, though, was to hear from our members.  On April 9, we hosted a virtual Town Hall meeting to hear from you.  We had 118 of our members attend and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, grateful, and supportive.  The meeting was followed by a brief insights survey emailed to all members. Close to 40% of members responded to the survey, and of those that responded, 94.9% were in favor or strongly in favor of donating $68,000 to the Regional Response Fund.

Impact 100 was founded on the principle of caring for and giving back to our Greater Cincinnati community.  We have a long, rich history of being generous to the communities we serve. We believe this response holds firm to our founding principles of empowering women through philanthropy, creating transformation and 100% of member dollars reaching the community all the while being present and an active participant in mitigating the devastation this crisis is having on the most vulnerable of us within our community.

I want to assure you that this donation will not change our core process & mission.  We will continue our annual grant making process this year to award 4 transformational grants of $100,000 culminating in the Annual Awards Celebration in September.  Moreover, this is a one-time donation and deviation from our traditional mode of grant making based upon the unprecedented regional crises resulting from the pandemic.

We will work with Greater Cincinnati Foundation and United Way to inspire our community to step forward to help our neighbors most in need right now by providing this $68,000 1:1 match.  Please help us spread the news. No gift is too small. Donations can be made online at:  or, simply text RAPID to 91999.

To learn more about the fund and to read stories of impact this support has had on the individuals and families in our community visit #StrongerTogether

As always, we are focused on our mission to empower each other, the nonprofits we serve, and our community during this time of crisis. Together we are dramatically improving lives right now and making a lasting impact.

You can find more information about our donation to the COVID-19 Regional Response Fund and 1:1 matching opportunity to the community on our FAQ page here.

In gratitude,

Sarah Grace Mohr