In early August, the Next Step Award recipients will be announced.
This year, in celebration of Impact 100’s 20th anniversary, we created the “Next Step Awards” commemorating two decades of grant-making and looking forward to our organization’s “Next Steps” in future decades. We are delighted that the Next Step Awards provided our members the opportunity to learn more about smaller, grass roots and diverse organizations within the community. Over 50 nonprofit organizations applied for these awards, and the review process was just completed. Watch for an announcement in early August – and meet the award recipients at the Annual Awards Celebration. 
A favorite sweet surprise for our members is the Annual Awards Celebration – and this year we will have the opportunity to celebrate in person.  This event will be held on September 8 at Music Hall.  Since it’s Impact 100’s 20th Anniversary, we’ll have an opportunity to celebrate the major impact made by over 50 previous grant recipients as we prepare to award transformational grants to FOUR new recipients. 
We sincerely hope you can join us for the Annual Awards Celebration (AAC) on September 8th. This event is the culmination of the Impact 100 year – the opportunity for you to hear from the Finalists, cast your vote, network and enjoy other Impact 100 members, enjoy a delicious “dinner-by-the bite”, and see which organizations receive our 2021 Grant Awards. 
If you aren’t able to join us in person, we hope that you take the opportunity to cast your vote via absentee ballot (it’s very easy).  We want ALL members to vote.
Other opportunities to enjoy Impact 100 and learn more about Equity and Grant-making are scheduled in August and September.  Many members have enjoyed the Unplug Series created by the Recruiting and Membership Committee. The final Unplug event will take place on August 14th in Covington – featuring the previous grant recipient, Lincoln Grant Scholar House.
The final events in the Equity program created by the DEI team will feature the Black American Tree Project (August 16 & 18) and Caste (September 14 & October 12). 
We hope that you are enjoying your Impact 100 experience, and that you choose to continue your membership. Please take a moment and renew your membership in the very near future.  We’d love to count on you for next year.
Please remember to register for the Annual Awards Celebration, and invite your friends today.
We look forward to seeing you IN PERSON on September 8th.  
Warm Regards,
Sharon Mitchell and Annemarie Henkel
Impact 100 Co-Presidents