Every year Merriam-Webster publishes a word of the year. This is my formal submission of the word “nimble” for 2020. At Impact 100 (and every other organization on the planet) this is THE word for 2020. Possibly because it is impolite to use other more negative slang terms within the workplace, but more likely and more importantly it beautifully describes how stellar organizations are moving through this time of uncertainty & crisis. 
To be nimble is to be clever, quick, alert, resourceful, responsive and sensitive.  
During the last 79 days, our organization has exemplified what it means to be nimble, and I would like to share some of this work with you. 

1. $68,000 gift to the COVID-19 Regional Response Fund

If nimble means to be sensitive and responsive, I can think of no better example than our gift to the COVID-19 Regional Response Fund. It was clear to our team that we needed to respond, but the big question was how? It only took our all-volunteer board 24 days to ideate, vet, pitch, and vote on an emergent gift to the COVID-19 Regional Response Fund. Better than that, it only took 16 days to meet our matching gift opportunity to make a total contribution of $136,000 through Impact 100 efforts. 

2. Virtual Grant Review, Community Investment Review, and Site Visits

When I look at nimble meaning resourceful and quick, I recall our need to change to virtual meetings after 19 years of doing only face-to-face meetings. When the #HealthyatHome orders came, our team sprang to action researching virtual collaboration tools, creating virtual committee best practices, retooling procedures and training all participants on the “new normal” of our grant review process. Not only has participation in our grant process remained steady, we moved to a virtual platform with no added costs. 

3. LIVE! with Impact 100

And talk about alert…. our most effective recruiting tool is a series called “Spread the Word” where a host invites friends, family and community members to join them (in-person) to learn about Impact 100 and hear from a former grant recipients about the transformation Impact 100 helped fund. Without the ability to connect personally, it was hard to see how we would ever come close to maintaining our current members let alone recruit new members. But in a truly nimble act, our membership & recruiting committee found a way to create community, highlight the need of our nonprofit partners and maybe gain some new members in the process, ALL VIRTUALLY. 

4. Impact 100’s StepUp Series

As for clever, see our nimbleness in action as we take a socially-distant, historically-relevant and philanthropically-focused walking tour of a few beautiful Cincinnati & NKY neighborhoods. 

5. Meet the Finalists & the Annual Awards Celebration

While our communities are slowly opening up, it is anyone’s guess when a group as large as ours will be able to safely meet face-to-face once more. Please know we are working diligently on creating a fun and engaging Meet the Finalists scheduled for July 17th at noon (invitation to be sent soon!) as well as scenario/contingency planning for the Annual Awards Celebration scheduled for September 10th. 
For this team & this organization, nimble might as well be our middle name. 
I want to take this opportunity to thank our board, our focus area & CIRC committees, our standing committees, all our members, nonprofit partners and the broader community for being nimble, showing incredible resiliency and believing in this organization and this work. 
Stay well, 
Sarah Grace Mohr
Impact 100 President 
PS: Please join us this Friday for our first Empowered Girl Talk Happy Hour, a facilitated conversation around diversity, equity & inclusion. Now is the time to have the tough conversations, connect across unseen cultural lines, and expand our minds and hearts. It all starts with education and conversation. We so hope you will join us.