Who are you as an individual?
As many other women in the world, I have a variety of identities, I am a mom, I am a wife, I am a scholar, I am a business owner, I am a very active Impact 100 member, and I am very proud to be part of the Impact 100 leadership team. I am an interesting mix of introvert and extrovert. While I like to meet new people and need conversation, I am very happy in my own company and also need my daily dose of self-reflection. 

What excites you about being an Impact 100 Member?
I joined Impact 100 nearly 3 years ago and the best part is the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing women in the region. The sense of camaraderie and friendship is unparalleled. It is amazing to be part of something that is bigger than yourself and something that makes this world a better place for everyone. 

Could you provide a brief description of your favorite Impact 100 moment, if you have one?
Over the summer, more than 60 Impact 100 members participated in Equity Conversations and we recently held an equity conversation wrap up event. The Racial Equity Wrap-up Session: Transform Learning to Action, was very well attended and it  just showed how passionate our membership is about Racial Equity. The DEI committee put in a lot of effort and thought into these events and it was very rewarding to hear that our members valued these conversations and want to act on these learnings.

What tips do you have to connect with other women/community during COVID? Or what is something that you’ve learned that you are thankful for during COVID??
I have so many social safety networks that have helped me in staying sane during these crazy times. My Impact 100 sisterhood is one such network that I have relied on again and again to find purpose in life during this pandemic. But I also rely heavily on Netflix binging; cuddling sessions with my boys; long walks with my best buddy which also doubles as a therapy session. One of my favorite pandemic finds is the Unlocking Us podcast with Brené Brown –  she knows how to make us feel vulnerable and brave all at the same time. 

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