Meet Amie Delworth 

Who Am I?

I am a mother, wife, registered nurse, now working at a local flower shop.  Also a dog lover and avid gardner.  

What excites me about Impact 100?  

Is the ability to truly changes lives and make a difference.  

What is your favorite Impact 100 moment?  

My favorite moment would be listening to Rob Siedeman, the Executive Director of May We Help speak.  Rob, along with a group of retired engineers, helps provide creative solutions to make every day activities a little more accessible for children and adults with disabilities in our community.  He told moving stories about how May We Help the grant from Impact to provide those solutions.  Some solutions were as simple as attaching crocs to the handlebars of the bicycle for a little boy who was born without hands, other solutions were as complex as creating a workable bow for a cellist who was born without arms.