Recruiting Diverse Women: DEI Mixers
Our DEI journey at Impact 100 started by hosting what we called Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) mixers in which we made these gatherings intentionally diverse. We held 2 DEI Mixers and introduced Impact 100 to nearly 60 women of color. For 2020 we will partner closely with Recruiting and make all our Spread the Word events even more diverse and inclusive. 
Education: Creating an Inclusive Culture
As we are trying to engage more women of color with Impact 100, we also understand the need to create a truly inclusive culture. Our 2019 Education event at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens was the first step in that direction. It was very encouraging to see our membership embrace the message of inclusion and equity. Nearly 200 women participated in an implicit bias training and learned about other equity related efforts around the region. 
Some of our members took a deeper dive into the Equity Journey through three facilitated Equity Conversations and one social media book club. Our facilitators did a phenomenal job of delving deeper into these tough conversations and provided insights into bringing an equity lens into grant making.  
In 2020, we will continue to provide more opportunities to educate our members and go deeper into our Equity Journey. Please reach out to if you have any insights or recommendations into these conversations.
Equity Lens in Grantmaking
Philanthropy is going through quite a transformation in the past few years,  This year we amended two questions in our Letter of Intent to ensure that we get a sense of racial disparities in our community through our nonprofit applications The reworded questions are:
  • What specific need does your project or program address? Do you observe any disparities in these needs with respect to race/ethnicity, gender, (dis)ability or other marginalized groups?
  • Who is the target population for your project or program? Include the number of individuals you expect to serve and the anticipated impact. What are the demographics (race/ethnicity, gender, (dis)ability, etc.) of those you expect to serve?
For 2020 and Beyond key Board members and DEI Committee members have created a sub-committee to see how we can deepen our commitment to DEI in the grant-making process.