A recap of our June and July Unplug events and THANK YOU:
  1. Unplug/Burnet Woods Nature Center: Michael George, Cincinnati Parks naturalist shared his knowledge of plants and wildlife on our hike around the lake. His talk was full of fun facts! Thank you to our 2019 grant recipient Mike Mooney, of Cincinnati Works for his update on Workforce Connection.  They have even expanded to assist DHL and their employees.
  2. Unplug/Otto Armleder Park: Tom Hughes, Great Parks of Cincinnati naturalist, shared his knowledge and funny anecdotes of prairie life on our hike, which included a 3 foot snake!  2019 grant recipient St. Vincent de Paul speakers, Claire Luby-Colton and Daniel Flynn, shared the important work and expansion services of SVDP; including Covid vaccinations to all who request them.
  3. Unplug/Sharon Woods: Lisa Salehpour, Great Parks of Cincinnati nature interpreter, guided us through the woods as we learned about Ohio wildlife, past and present.  We were joined by 2020 grant recipient, Dana Saxton of New Life Furniture Bank, who explained  that with their new truck on the road, they have picked up over 20,000 pieces of furniture in one year!
  4. Unplug/Wave Pool:  A 2018 grant recipient,Wave Pool Executive Director, Cal Cullen, shared an update on the organization, tour of the WP gallery and all participated in creating community art of Southern India, under the guidance of artist, Radha Lakshmi.  Lunch included food of Rose Che, a chef from Cameroon, which was delicious!
  5. Unplug/OTR: Daniel Hoskins from 2027 grant recipient, Elementz, shared the origin of hiphop and mission of the organization to increase access for urban youth to creative fields. Keep Cincinnati Beautiful artists, Claire Bryson and Sarah Mackenzie, guided us on the New Lines Mural tour; amazing art murals in OTR alleyways to promote community engagement and reduce blight.  A shout out to Adam and Donna Mayerson, (an Impact 100 member), for sharing the story of Sugar and Spice OTR.
LASTLY: Please sign up for our final Unplug/Covington on Saturday, August 14th, from 9-11am. Hosted by Lincoln Grant Scholar House-a fun walk and opportunity to learn some history of Covington.