LaSoupe Executive Director & Founder, Suzy DeYoung shared words of thanks to Impact 100 for their first installment payment to expand their current capacity.

On behalf of La Soupe, thank you for your support with your $9,000 donation the first installment of our $104,000 grant award. The equipment we will be purchasing is vital to carry out our mission.

Your contribution will directly reduce the amount of food going straight to the landfill while at the same time assist in feeding our hungry community. We have learned so much over the past years and we are certain we have found the most effective way to transform excess produce and other ingredients into healthy food items and deliver them to those living in food insecurity. Your donation will allow us to grow our Rescue Transform Share program along with the Bucket Brigade, Cincinnati Gives a Crock, and Stone Soupe programs.

You are helping us lessen the quantity of both food waste and hunger, and we are truly grateful for all that will be made possible through your generosity.

Thank you!!
-Suzy DeYoung