Project Description

Terry Schoenling Home for Mothers and Infants

Grant Award:

For 24 years, First Step Home has been assisting women in maintaining sobriety, regaining control of their lives, and living with their children. We are the first program locally to offer residential treatment for women and their children (up to 12 years of age) while mom completes sober living treatment. We have always striven to enhance and expand programming to meet the complex needs of the women and families we serve. Towards that end, we identified the need for a residential treatment program that provides care to women who are pregnant and opiate addicted during their pregnancy and after, and to infants who are born with varying degrees of withdrawal due to pre-natal opiate exposure.

The Program:  The Schoenling Home is modeled after the successful delivery of FSH’s other residential treatment facilities and clinical services. It is borne out of the care and concern of our clinical staff that noted that an increasing number of our residential houses were being filled with women addicted and pregnant; staff responded to this new reality by creating a high quality program designed to address the needs of some of the most vulnerable members of our society.  The Schoenling Home addresses this need, supporting mom and baby in their first month together as mom addresses her substance use, baby deals with withdrawal, and both bond and settle into healthy routines. Our clinical staff provides expert care and guidance to offset the many challenges these new moms and babies face so their futures are more hopeful and geared for success.

The goal of the program is to transform the way mothers (coping with substance use disorder/behavioral health/trauma issues) and their babies (coping with opiate exposure in the womb and subsequent withdrawal) are treated so that more babies come home (versus a foster home) to a sober mom in a healthy environment.

Impact 100 funds will support medical staffing, post-partum care, education and housing costs for moms and babies in the program.