We committed to getting to the moon without a rocket.  A local foundation helped us build one alongside 480 women. Read more details regarding $624,000 in grants awarded in 2018 here.  On behalf of Impact 100, thank you! We are “over the moon!” This page is dedicated to sharing a few words of gratitude from the Impact 100 community and beyond.

Each response via email, text, and social media has been anonymized and shared with the foundation.

A very special thanks for your support of Impact 100.  You made the hopes & dreams of our 500+ members come true!! Many Impact 100 members commented that all SIX of our Grant Finalists were so strong, so innovative, and so deserving of a grant…..A DREAM COME TRUE!

WOW!!!! I am speechless, but truly honored to be part of this amazing group.  What an “impressive” solution to a potentially negative outcome.  Thank you to the foundation that helped make this happen.

The generosity of the Greater Cincinnati community never ceases to amaze me…..how awesome that the anonymous local foundation stepped up.  It is simply another testament to the power of philanthropy.

The Impact women have always shown integrity and transparency in their work to help others.  Thank you for your service to this organization.

Wow! Impact 100 has some amazingly generous patrons.  That says a lot for how Impact 100 is thought of in the community.

Hats off for doing the right thing!  Happy to know that all ends well.

I am JUST THRILLED!! What a generous act of kindness in an otherwise negative news cycle.  WOW!

This is GREAT NEWS!  I had a hard time thinking about everyone not receiving a grant.  I’m so glad it turned out this way.  Thank you!

I am so happy for all of these worthy recipients.  I’m so happy to now be a member of Impact 100!

Tears of joy.  Simply put, tears of joy.  Thank you!

I am so glad this worked out!! And thanks to the generous donor for the additional funds!

And this is why I belong to Impact!

I want to let each of you know how proud I am to be part of Impact 100.  Partnership with an anonymous foundation to make the additional grants [is a] testament to Impact 100’s integrity & reputation that another funder stepped up to partner with us.

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude and deep respect for the work of the Impact 100 Board of Directors……you have my complete and full confidence.  Thank you for identifying a generous donor!

I’m so happy to hear the Board was able to find a donor to create this fantastic solution.  This is just another reason I am an Impact member.  Thank you…..to the generous donor!

…My amazement was how well the situation was resolved and I felt incredible respect for the leadership of Impact 100.  Thank you so much!

…”In your garden scatter seeds of loving through and kindly deeds.
If you open wide the magic gate happiness will not be late.
If you walk the sunlit way, joy will be as bright as day.”

I am at a loss for words.  My partner says that’s impossible.  When I explained this generous donor’s gift, my partner was also speechless.  What a gift.  Each were deserving grant finalists!

I cannot imagine a better outcome.  My heart is so full.  I just joined Impact 100 and this expression of support deepens my commitment to this organization.  Please share my thanks with the Board of Directors and the donor.

Shut up!  Talk about making the best possible outcome for all of the nonprofits.  I really loved each of their presentations and learned a ton about their work in our community.  So happy all will receive funding.

Not sure how this was rectified so quickly, but will always remember this.  As a long-standing Impact 100 member, I have faith in what women can accomplish.  This news shows that others have faith, too.