To help you learn more about our seven finalists for four 2023 Impact 100 grants, here are some resources:

  • Video Presentations. Below is a complete video of all seven finalist presentations, with an introduction by Impact 100 President Kathy Thornton. If you prefer, you can also view the finalist presentations individually by clicking on the videos below each logo.
  • Wish Lists. Click on each finalist’s logo to see a wish list of items the organization could put to good use with your generous donation.
  • Synopsis of Finalist Projects. Click here for a quick summary of finalists’ projects.
  • Executive Summaries. These are confidential and password protected. Only Impact 100 members should read these detailed summaries about the finalists. Click here and use the password you received in your 8/29 Impact 100 email and OpaVote email.

“My participation in Impact 100 is aligned to my commitment of using my voice and energy in meaningful ways. One of the most significant actions I can take as a member is by championing a cause, through my vote, that I believe is driving transformational change rooted in equity. We all have a voice. We all have a vote. Let’s put it to work!” – Nickol Mora, Impact 100 Board Member

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