Nonprofit Spotlight- Found Village

Found Village began in 2017 to empower teens from challenging circumstances to reach their full potential . They aim to rebuild

Nonprofit Spotlight- Found Village2023-06-27T15:22:35-04:00

Sponsor Spotlight  – Foster & Motley

Foster & Motley’s dual-advisor approach gives clients the opportunity to work with two credentialed advisors, each focusing on their own area

Sponsor Spotlight  – Foster & Motley2023-06-27T15:08:54-04:00

2023 Grant Finalists Announced

GRT Process Complete.  Finalists Announced! The June 27 Meet the Finalist event marked the culmination of many months of hard work

2023 Grant Finalists Announced2023-06-28T07:52:27-04:00

President’s Message-July 2023

What is a Philanthropist?  The Oxford Dictionary defines a philanthropist as “a person who seeks to promote the welfare of others-

President’s Message-July 20232023-06-27T14:27:47-04:00

Nonprofit Spotlight- Refugee Connect

Mission: To connect refugees with resources to rebuild their lives as United States citizens. Impact 100 Funded Project: The Community Navigator

Nonprofit Spotlight- Refugee Connect2023-03-26T13:31:10-04:00

President’s Message-April 2023

Here are just a few highlights: 1) Our Grant Review Teams (GRTs) are reviewing our 2023 grant applications (from the 102

President’s Message-April 20232023-03-26T13:25:14-04:00

President’s Message-January 2023

A few highlights from 2022: ·       Over 150 members participated in the 2022 grant cycle as members of a Grant Review

President’s Message-January 20232022-12-27T15:49:57-05:00

2022 Grant Finalists Announced Copy

The Grant Review Committees have completed their work of selecting the 2022 Grant Finalists, and our Community Investment Review Committee (CIRC)

2022 Grant Finalists Announced Copy2022-10-02T20:45:08-04:00

President’s Message-October

Almost 300 people gathered to socialize, network, make new friends, hear from nonprofit finalists, select four (4) $101,000 grant recipients, and

President’s Message-October2022-10-02T20:43:00-04:00


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