2023 Grant Finalists Announced

GRT Process Complete.  Finalists Announced! The June 27 Meet the Finalist event marked the culmination of many months of hard work

2023 Grant Finalists Announced2023-06-28T07:52:27-04:00

Are You In for 2023?

At our Sept. 20 awards celebration, Impact 100 gifted $101,000 to each of four dynamic nonprofit groups. Through the collective power

Are You In for 2023?2022-10-02T21:17:34-04:00

Grant Recipients . . . and SMILES

After the grant applications were reviewed and site visits conducted, Finalists recorded their messages and members cast their ballots.  Then on

Grant Recipients . . . and SMILES2021-09-29T06:29:43-04:00

Learn All About Our 2021 Grant Finalists

Our grant finalists support the greater Cincinnati community in many ways, impacting Culture, Education, Environment, Family, and Health & Wellness. The

Learn All About Our 2021 Grant Finalists2021-09-07T16:17:27-04:00


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