October 2023

More than 300 people gathered to socialize, network, make new friends, and learn more about the needs in our community from

October 20232023-10-10T12:10:15-04:00

President’s Message-July 2023

What is a Philanthropist?  The Oxford Dictionary defines a philanthropist as “a person who seeks to promote the welfare of others-

President’s Message-July 20232023-06-27T14:27:47-04:00

President’s Message-April 2023

Here are just a few highlights: 1) Our Grant Review Teams (GRTs) are reviewing our 2023 grant applications (from the 102

President’s Message-April 20232023-03-26T13:25:14-04:00

President’s Message-January 2023

A few highlights from 2022: ·       Over 150 members participated in the 2022 grant cycle as members of a Grant Review

President’s Message-January 20232022-12-27T15:49:57-05:00

President’s Message-October

Almost 300 people gathered to socialize, network, make new friends, hear from nonprofit finalists, select four (4) $101,000 grant recipients, and

President’s Message-October2023-10-09T20:33:59-04:00

President’s Message-July

On June 30, we held our IN-PERSON Meet the Finalist event at Memorial Hall!  After 2 years, everyone was excited to

President’s Message-July2022-06-28T19:49:59-04:00

President’s Message-June

This month, we will notify our Grant Finalists that they are moving on as finalists. Our Nonprofit Coordinator, Lisa Digate, will

President’s Message-June2022-06-13T14:54:18-04:00

President’s Message-May

Our five (5) Grant Review Teams (GRTs)- with nearly 130 members participating- are now in the midst of conducting site visits

President’s Message-May2022-04-30T20:58:22-04:00

President’s Message-April

As we turn our calendars to April, I look for evidence that Spring in finally here or at least on the

President’s Message-April2022-03-31T20:32:10-04:00

President’s Message-March

Under the leadership of Finance Chair, Barb Magella, Impact 100 hosted a Finance 101 session to help nonprofits learn more about

President’s Message-March2022-02-28T20:28:48-05:00

Exciting Start to 2022!

As President of Impact 100 for 2022, I am delighted to welcome you to another year of “empowering women to dramatically

Exciting Start to 2022!2022-01-26T22:15:36-05:00

It’s Time to Join for 2022!

For Impact 100, we have awarded our 2021 grants and 20th Anniversary Next Step Awards and are excited to celebrate recent

It’s Time to Join for 2022!2021-10-28T11:07:06-04:00


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