Recruitment, Really!

No one is thinking about recruiting right now. We just want you to know the Recruitment team has you and yours

Recruitment, Really!2020-06-12T10:21:54-04:00

Impact Lunch N Learn Hosts

Interested in co-hosting an Impact 100 Lunch N Learn at one of Impact 100's grant recipient locations in July or August? 

Impact Lunch N Learn Hosts2020-03-10T11:28:30-04:00

We Fund Overhead, Yes We Do!

Before this year's Big Reveal, nearly 100 women joined Impact 100 and Grants Plus to learn about the Impact 100 process

We Fund Overhead, Yes We Do!2020-03-10T11:29:13-04:00

Our Equity Journey Begins

Recruiting Diverse Women: DEI Mixers Our DEI journey at Impact 100 started by hosting what we called Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our Equity Journey Begins2020-06-15T10:27:05-04:00

Membership Spotlight: Mollie O’Neil

Mollie O'Neil: Impact 100 Membership Spotlight Who are you?  I’m a native Cincinnatian, hiker, occasionally successful gardener, dog mom, and Manager

Membership Spotlight: Mollie O’Neil2019-12-29T17:41:30-05:00