2020 StepUp Series Wrap-up

What do Clifton Heights, Over the Rhine, Covington, Downtown Cincinnati, Price Hill, Oakley, Fairview Heights, Mount Adams, & Newport have in

2020 StepUp Series Wrap-up2020-10-01T10:25:35-04:00

Wave Pool Update!

After months of unexpected permitting and construction delays - the Welcome Project is well on the way to meeting their goals. 

Wave Pool Update!2020-06-12T10:21:04-04:00

First Step Home Final Report Received

First Step Home’s Terry Schoenling Home for Mothers and Infants has made great progress in supporting their community of women.  The 

First Step Home Final Report Received2019-09-30T10:55:46-04:00

In Your Words

Earlier this year, members and nonprofit grant recipients were asked what made Impact 100 special or unique to them.  It was

In Your Words2019-09-30T11:10:02-04:00

Our Board Members ROCK!

The premise of Impact 100 is simple: Donations in. Transformational grants out. Impact!  Have you ever thought about operating governance, handling

Our Board Members ROCK!2019-06-30T11:42:49-04:00

Are You IN for 2020?

If you are loving being a member of Impact 100 so much that you’re ready to let us know you’re IN

Are You IN for 2020?2019-10-01T09:31:46-04:00


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