FAC/CIRC Volunteer Form

  • Review Nonprofit Grant Requests to Impact 100 (Focus Area Committee or Community Investment Review Committee)

    Grants are reviewed in two rounds: Letter of Intent (January 25 - February 26, 2021) and Common Grant Application (March 29 - April 23, 2021, Site Visits through May 2021)
  • The Letter of Intent is a mini version of a full “Common Grant” request designed to help understand the nonprofit’s mission, the need they are addressing and how they plan to meet that need. Letters of Intent reviewed by FACs to determine which proposals move forward (maximum 4 weekly meetings). Please select the Focus Area Committee you would like to participate in:
  • The committees will meet to take the submitted Common Grant Applications and determine which will move forward to site visits and in-depth financial review. At the conclusion of the meetings, one or more candidates will be recommended as finalists from each focus area committee Please select the Focus Area Committee/CIRC you would like to participate in: