Top Ten Ways to Volunteer

1 Join a Focus Area Committee
All members are invited to join one of our Focus Area Committees (FACs) which review and evaluate grant applications submitted to Impact 100. Focus areas include:  Culture; Family; Education; Environment, Preservation & Recreation; and Health & Wellness. Serving on a FAC is one of the most impactful ways to participate in Impact 100, learn about the assets and needs of our community, and experience our grant review process. See the FAC schedule for 2018 at Events.

2 Help us recruit new members
Impact 100 members are the best recruiters.  You help tell the story, opportunity, and experiences with Impact 100 best!  Here’s how:

  • Host a membership Spread the Word event and invite your friends. (We make it easy for you; just email us at membership@impact100.org!)
  • Attend a membership event and bring a friend.
  • Tell your friends about Impact 100.
  • “Share” or “like” Impact 100 posts on Facebook.
  • Assist with membership calls or mailings.
  • Recruit local businesses to host membership events.
  • Sponsor a member, like your daughter/in-law, granddaughter, mom, co-worker, or another woman in your life.

3 Help with an Impact 100 event
Impact 100 hosts a number of events each year, including our Membership Announcement, Educational Event, Meet the Finalists, Annual Awards Celebration, & Giving Tuesday. There are a variety of ways you can volunteer to make these events happen:

  • Serve on or chair an event committee.
  • Host an event at your home or office.
  • Help with the food and drinks for an event.
  • Speak at an event.
  • Assist with event registration.
  • Help with reminder calls or mailings.

4 Help us communicate with our community
Communication is key to any organization’s success. We need members who are creative, strategic thinkers, writers, or just plain doers. You can:

  • Help create new marketing materials.
  • Blog or help with Impact 100’s social media.
  • Help develop content for our publications, newsletters, or annual reports.

5 Be a leader
No strong organization can function without strong leadership. Leaders in Impact 100 come from all over the community and each brings her own unique influence and impact to our organization.

  • Lead a committee or project to support Grants, Membership, Marketing/Communications, Events, Development, Nonprofit Outreach, and more.
  • Act as a liaison with our Grant Recipients.
  • Consider a Board of Directors position.

6 Help us raise funds for operations and events
As any nonprofit organization, we must cover our operating expenses.  You can:

  • Help secure sponsorships for meetings or events.
  • Assist with communications to donors.
  • Help research and write grants to secure corporate or foundation funding.
  • Write thank you notes.

7 Help us educate our members
Members have varying experiences with their involvement in Impact 100.  Help us make sure everyone has a wonderful Impact 100 experience. You can:

  • Serve as a new member liaison.
  • Assist with member orientation and 1st-year member events.
  • Help coordinate Impact 100 volunteer opportunities

8 Assist us with all things technology
The backbone of every organization these days is technology and the applications that help to run the day-to-day business. Impact 100 needs help at all skill and experience levels to keep the systems running.

  • Help with data entry.
  • Assist with the management of our database systems.
  • Help with website design and graphic design.
  • Assist with strategic technology evaluations and decisions.

9 Make phone calls or send reminders
Sounds easy and is easy – but so necessary to our organization.

10 Share with us your skills and passions and we’ll find a place for you to help out!

Volunteer Now!

  • Grants are reviewed in two rounds: Letter of Intent (January-February) and Common Grant Application (March -April, Site Visits through May)