Each year around this time, the Grant Review Coordinator (GRC) meets with the Focus Area Committee and CIRC Chairs to determine the calendar for the Grant Review Cycle for the next calendar year.  We need to develop this calendar ahead of the training we provide our Nonprofit partners which begins in October.  Separately, the GRC secures meeting space for each of these meetings.  The GRC discusses the options available to lead the various Focus Area Committees with each Focus Area Committee Chair and gets her input.  There is only one CIRC Chair on the Board, so her role is predefined.  The GRC begins to understand meeting availability (time of day and day of the week) and preferred location for those meetings.

Once all the data is assessed the GRC plugs it into a spreadsheet and reviews it with the Focus Area Committee and CIRC Chairs.  A final schedule is then published and posted on the Impact 100 website for members to review and enroll.

What we need from our members:

Do you know of any meeting space options throughout our region that meet the following criteria?

  • Free
  • Available parking
  • Free WIFI connection
  • A landline phone
  • Can accommodate up-to 35 people

If so, please email grants@impact100.org prior to October 1, 2019.