Endowment Fund:  an investment fund held by a nonprofit organization, with funds often taken to support general and specialized requirements.

Did you know that Impact 100 has an Endowment Fund?  It does and donating money to it is a great way to help Impact 100 fund all the great things we do.  Because the funds are invested, only a portion is taken out each year to ensure the remaining principal grows.  Donating to the Endowment Fund is like giving a perpetual gift!

 If you’d like to contribute to the Endowment Fund, please click here.

 Another way to give to Impact 100 is through legacy giving.  Legacy giving, sometimes called planned giving, is a contribution to an organization when a person dies.  This provides an opportunity for a person to define their legacy and support Impact 100 through larger gifts than they could otherwise offer.  Impact 100 accepts bequests (direct estate plan disbursements) for the foreseeable future.  We simply do not have the infrastructure to accommodate more complex giving options.

 Please help ensure the Impact 100 legacy continues for decades to come by including us in your estate plans. To be recognized as a member of the Impact 100 Legacy Society, please notify Impact 100 of your gift intention in writing at development@impact100.org.  We have sample bequest language available, should you wish to use it.

 Thank you for considering utilizing these ways to give back to your community through Impact 100!