In last month’s Impact 100 Council newsletter, Impact 100 founder Wendy Steele noted the dramatic rise in collective giving networks over the last 10 years: providing nearly $1.29 Billion in funding while involving 1 in 8 American donors.
“The role that Impact 100 plays is in this arena is significant; Impact 100 chapters have awarded more than $55 Million since our first grant was awarded in Cincinnati in 2002, and 2017 marks the first time Impact 100 chapters have awarded more than $10 Million in one calendar year!” – Wendy Steele
That’s certainly an “impact” that we are grateful YOU are a part of!  We know that WOMEN TOGETHER are at the heart of CHANGING LIVES, given ongoing research in philanthropy.
  • National trends show that individual giving – which is what Impact 100 is grouped in as a collective giving organization – is increasing.
  • Evidence finds that gender differences in giving are real, and women are key players in philanthropy.  
Ladies, we are part of this movement.  The growing prominence of women leading philanthropy is here to stay.  Research has found that women often lead the charitable giving in households and that “women give more than their male peers at virtually all income levels.”  This tendency, coupled with the fact that women will control an estimated $33.5 trillion in North America by 2030 means that women’s influence in financial decision-making will continue to grow in importance.
But women continue to report less confidence than men about managing overall finances, as summarized in a recent investments study. Impact 100 empowers women to dramatically improve lives by collectively funding significant grants that make a lasting impact in our community.  Part of that empowerment includes equipping our members and their families with the financial knowledge to achieve their lifelong goals and support the causes they love.
We hope you will join us in learning together at the Impact 100 Educational Event: Empowering Women with Financial Literacy.  Feel free to bring a spouse, family member or friend as a guest.
The event will take place on April 12th, from 5:30-8:30 in Oakley.  Highlights include the keynote speech on women’s financial literacy as well as breakout sessions focused on retirement planning and charitable giving.  In addition, our 2009 grant recipient Economics Center for Education & Research will provide an update on their financial and economics literacy programs for youth.
Thank you to all of the Impact 100 women who have joined this movement to benefit our communities through the power of collective giving!
Clare Zlatic Blankemeyer
Impact 100 President