“In Honor Of [insert your friend or relative’s name]”
Impact100 now offers you the opportunity to select an Impact 100 membership in honor of a friend, relative, or someone you choose!
“In Honor Of” membership options are available to current Impact 100 Full and 110% members. The purpose is to provide members with an option to honor one individual (or two at most) by purchasing an additional $1000 Impact 100 Full membership donation in honor of someone. By choosing an “In Honor Of” membership, the current member has the right to cast an additional ballot during next fall’s Impact 100 Annual Awards Celebration (AAC) for each “In Honor Of” membership purchased. The AAC is the pinnacle of the Impact 100 grant selection process where multiple $100,000+ transformational grants are awarded based upon member voting post grant finalist presentations – it is an inspiring and fulfilling evening for all who participate, making a measurable difference in the lives of many.
Make a difference in 2018 by honoring a friend, relative, or someone you choose:
  • Not an Impact 100 member yourself yet? 
    • Join Impact 100 and add an “In Honor of” membership.
    • Go to www.impact100.org to join and add an “In Honor Of” membership to your cart.
  • Already joined as a 2018 Impact 100 full member? 
  • Need help?  Email us: membership@impact100.org
Note: to avoid online processing fees, you can mail check payment and reference the promotional code: MailCheckHonor.
All 2018 membership contributions must be received by 12/31/17
(“In Honor Of” memberships too!)