Found Village began in 2017 to empower teens from challenging circumstances to reach their full potential . They aim to rebuild trust in youth who have faced abuse, neglect or other trauma. In the last five years, Found Village has built a reputation for compassionate, effective programming for middle school and high school youth both locally and nationally.

Impact 100’s 2022 grant is funding the first year kick-off of the Launch 2 Independence program for 15 young adults, age 18-25. As of May 2023, 7 of 15 young adults have been referred to Found Village by Hamilton County Jobs & Family Services (JFS). Impact 100 funds to date support half a year of salary for two new coaches to serve this new client base. Coaches are connecting these young adults, who have been released from social service systems, with a community of care to help them navigate their transition into independent adulthood. Stay tuned for more updates as Found Village continues to expand their work!