Impact 100 was one of two recipients for the Philanos Spotlight Award, which is given every 18 months.  Benefits include national media exposure for both Impact 100 and May We Help and a $500  award.  
Below is a summary of the nomination:
In 2015, Impact 100 Cincinnati granted $101,000 to May We Help to outfit a dedicated workshop with specialized, high-quality tools and collaborative spaces so that life-changing devices could be built for people with special needs. May We Help is a unique organization which leverages the skills of many volunteer engineers, industrial designers, inventors, artisans, and physical therapists to create customized assistive devices to enable individuals with special needs to achieve independence and pursue their passions.
With the help of the Impact 100 Cincinnati grant, May We Help created a new workshop that provided extensive technical capabilities, enabling volunteers to complete more challenging projects, increase volumes, and raise quality. The common space also encouraged creative interaction, relationship building, and collaborative problem-solving.  The workshop served as a selling point for new volunteers, corporate sponsors, individual donors, and community partners.
Over the past two years, the grant has enabled MWH to provide solutions for 348 individuals across 26 states and 20 partner agencies such as the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and the Cincinnati Zoo.  An equally important benefit has been raising the equity of people with disabilities, giving them a platform to present themselves as capable individuals with the talents and relationships to advocate for greater opportunities and resources. The new workshop space allowed May We Help to host a wide range of activities throughout the year, including open houses and workshop events, inclusive Halloween parties, and fundraising events. Natural outcomes of these exchanges are education, understanding, and friendships.
The grant also transformed the Impact 100 Cincinnati membership, as they’ve become enthusiastic supporters of May We Help and their clients. One Impact 100 Cincinnati member currently serves on the May We Help Board, and many others have offered assistance and donations to support the organization. Collectively, the members’ advocacy and networks have formed an ever-multiplying group of allies, helping to create space and opportunity for individuals with disabilities to develop and share their gifts with society.