Are you comfortable looking at numbers?  Could you help examine nonprofit finances with help of a finance mentor? Would you like to be an integral part of a Grant Review Team? WE NEED YOU!  
Our Impact 100 finance-oriented roles are extremely important as we narrow the list of grant finalists for the award voting, and financial reviews are a crucial step in that process. Please consider one of the following roles.
You could be perfect as a CIRC Liaison for a Grant Review Team. The primary CIRC Liaison responsibilities include the review of financial data submitted by the nonprofits that your Grant Review Team selects as potential site visit (SV) candidates, completion of the Excel template (we provide) with the nonprofit’s relevant financial information, and meeting with the CIRC Team when your SV candidates are being reviewed. Training is provided to CIRC Liaisons and this year we are introducing additional help for our CIRC Liaisons: a CIRC Mentor for each Liaison. 
The CIRC Mentor will be available, via phone calls, virtual meetings, and email, to answer questions and help ensure that the CIRC Liaison understands the financial data the SV candidates have provided and is able to enter the data CIRC requests into the Excel spreadsheet. If you have experience in finance and/or accounting, or have served on CIRC in the past, consider becoming a CIRC Mentor for a Grant Review Team CIRC Liaison. 
If you’re looking for some real excitement, then you may want to join the CIRC Committee. The CIRC Committee members review financial data and other key sustainability factors for all SV candidates and assign a rating to both the organization’s overall financial health as well as the proposed project budget.
Questions or ready to volunteer?   Contact Barb Magella at
  1. Equity Champion Job Description
    Are you passionate about equity?  Are you interested in learning more and helping others to do the same?  Would you like to serve a new and exciting role on one of our Grant Review Teams?  We need YOU to serve as an Equity Champion!
    You will serve as a resource for your Grant Review Team (GRT) as well as serve as a liaison between the GRT and the Equity committee.  You will help to answer any questions regarding equity in grant making best practices as well as to provide insight in any inequities or disparities within the particular focus area being discussed (i.e. family, education, health, culture, environment, etc.).  Champions may need to facilitate dialogue around equity within the committee discussion if the discussion does not occur organically.  Training will be provided on January 18, 2022 at 6:30 pm and January 20, 2022 at noon virtually.
    Equity Champion Requirements
    1.  Access to or basic knowledge of focus area challenges and disparities in Greater Cincinnati
    2.  Comfortable initiating and facilitating dialogue on equity when needed
    3. Attend the Equity Champions training on January 11.  Registration by invitation only after sending email to express interest to Taisha Rojas-Parker at
    4. Attend at least one session on Equity in Grantmaking session – January 18, 2022 at 6:30 pm or January 20, 2022 at noon (Held Virtually)
    Equity Champion Duties
    1.  Attend and participate in all meetings (as much as possible) of the Grant Review Team you represent
    2.  Provide a brief description (template will be provided) of finalist from respective committee which includes nonprofit diversity and understanding of disparities in their work to be included as part of the executive summary
    3. Questions or ready to volunteer?  Contact Taisha Rojas-Parker at