Do you ever wonder what’s happening behind the scenes with Impact 100?  It all happens because of the power of women volunteers, together!  From member engagement to digital voting refresh and Spread the Words, we thought it might be fun to shine a light on 30 mission-centric accomplishments in the 30 days of June.


In the 30 days of June, Impact 100 has:

  1. Finalized the Grant Finalist slate for 2019 by the Focus Area Committees, Community Investment Review Committee (CIRC), and Board of Directors.
  2. Called all six Grant Finalists to alert them of their Finalist status and to join at Ohio Valley Voices!
  3. Called the Site Visit Candidates that were not identified as Grant Finalists, thanked them for sharing their time with Impact 100,, and warmly invited them to come back in the future.
  4. Completed six Executive Summaries in partnership with our 2019 Grant Finalists.
  5. Wrote six “Public Relations” statements that are commensurate in representing 2019 Grant Finalists.
  6. Hosted a first “Spread the Word” of the year and celebrated Impact 100 with Dani at Welcome House of Northern Kentucky with 35 guests!
  7. Completed a near-final draft of the Better Business Bureau Torch Award Application for Impact 100, highlighting Impact 100’s ethical standards.
  8. Hosted three “New Member Connections” events; by members, for members, to get to know Impact 100 – and each other – better.

Hmmm…maybe this one should could for three?!  However, I think there’s more enough to hit 30 without such….

  1. Convened the DEI Champions committee.
  2. Drafted an educational series and cohort opportunity to explore issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Details forthcoming!
  3. Finalized the next DEI Mixer for July at Graydon OTR. Check out for more details!
  4. Completed a “Lapsed Member Survey” to garner insights from women who were not able to rejoin in 2019.
  5. Convened a team of Impact 100 members to review the 2019 Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Young Philanthropist applicants.
  6. Chose SIX 2019 Young Philanthropists!
  7. Finalized 12 “Spread the Word” events around the tri-state region for current and future members to hear from a grant recipient and connect!
  8. Completed new set of marketing materials for women not familiar with Impact 100.
  9. Drafted the Impact 100 Annual Report to utilize at the September 12 Annual Awards Celebration.
  10. Executed a final contract with Music Hall for the Annual Awards Celebration.
  11. Finalized details for Meet the Finalists, including a record-attendance of 220+ registrants!
  12. Hosted Meet the Finalists and announced six fantastic organizations and their $109,000 funding requests from Impact 100.
  13. Investigated and confirmed Impact 100’s alignment with State of Ohio Nonprofit Corporate Law.
  14. Consulted with lawyer and freshened up governing documents.
  15. Completed 21 board member interviews by the 9-person, volunteer Nominating Committee.
  16. Trended data with the “Data Superheroes” volunteer team to glean insights.
  17. Shared over 10 Facebook and Instagram posts.
  18. Submitted a grant application to support Impact 100’s ongoing operations and reconnected with the 2019 Sponsors.
  19. Developed & actualized a test vote for Meet the Finalists to assess the new voting system for 2019, including the following due diligence before June:
  • Engaged an outside consultant to analyze the 2018 vote and provide recommendations.
  • Engaged a small team that has worked with the consultant.
  • Developed requirements for the digital vote. 
  • Selected a new vendor.
  • Multiple test votes conducted
  1. Hosted a Finance Committee meeting.
  2. Finalized the 2019 Audit with Flynn & Company.
  3. Follow-up with recent Impact 100 past grant recipients to assess their progress against their grant agreements.

And that’s not even HALF of it!  Thanks to ALL of the women who make this – and more – happen every month.  And thank you to the members who entrust fellow volunteers to keep this machine in motion with the utmost respect and diligence.

Anything in the list strike a chord with you?  Are you as amazed as I am?  Did something capture your attention and you want more information?  Let’s grab coffee and talk about it!  Email me at


Clare Zlatic Blankemeyer