Here are just a few highlights:

1) Our Grant Review Teams (GRTs) are reviewing our 2023 grant applications (from the 102 Letters of Intent submitted and reviewed by our 5 teams) and looking ahead to site visits in April and May.

2) Our Community Investment Review Committee(CIRC) and CIRC liaisons from each of the Grant Review Teams have or will be trained for the all- important financial reviews of our applicants.

3) The board and events teams have already begun planning for our Annual Awards Celebration (AAC) to be held at Music Hall on Tuesday, September 12.  PLEASE SAVE THE DATE for this highlight of the year event!

3) We held a very successful Member Connect event on March 7 at the Life Learning Center as a new opportunity to connect us with one another, celebrate our past accomplishments, and look ahead to future priorities and events.  A special THANK YOU to Nina Akgunduz and Sherry Holcomb- co-chairs and their events team for all their work to make this a great event!

4)  Our membership, event, and education teams are working together to plan our joint Education(EDU) and Meet the Finalists (MTF) event for June 27.  SAVE THE DATE for this exciting and educational event.

5)  Our Marketing and Public Relations team is continuing to identify additional ways for us to “get the word out” about Impact 100 including developing “tools” to help you as members talk about Impact 100 to your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors.

6) To improve our organizational effectiveness and efficiency, Impact 100 will be implementing a new membership system to support your membership, improve and integrate communications, support event management, and integrate financial systems.   One improvement will be your ability to manage your own membership information, payments etc.  Stayed tuned for more information later in the year about this exciting innovation!

As a women’s collective giving organization, we are blessed to share in a common mission to “award significant, transformational grants and awards that make a lasting impact in our community.”  Thanks to all who contribute treasure, time, talent, and energy and more to making this mission both possible and rewarding.  If you are looking to do more, get more involved, contribute in large or small ways, we need you!  Could you write a monthly article for the newsletter, help identify community resources that can help us in our mission, host a Spread the Word event to help tell the Impact 100 story to others?  Please tell us more about what you’d like to do by visiting our Volunteer page on our website at or send a note to our Volunteer Engagement Coordinator, Janet Sullivan at or drop me a note at  Please also watch for HELP WANTED opportunities for timely, short term or one and done opportunities to serve.

In a quote attributed to Helen Keller: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

I am grateful for all the members who have stepped up to make a difference in our community in our collective giving and collective engagement with one another and with the nonprofit community.  We are making a difference!

Warm regards

Kathy Thornton