As we look back to Spring 2020, many things in our world, community, and family look different as we celebrate Spring 2021.  For Impact 100, the same is true.  We are grateful as we reflect and embrace what we learned.
Encouraged us to look at new ways to communicate and engage with our members. Focus Area Committees (FAC), Standing Committees, and the Board transitioned to virtual meetings. This transition allowed for participation by more members and eliminated the need to secure confidential meeting space for larger committees.  Step Up Series (walks in local neighborhoods with Impact 100 recipients) enabled members to connect safely and learn more about the nonprofit community. Live! With Impact 100 – weekly webinars over lunch May – July provided members and prospective members an opportunity to connect with previous Impact 100 recipients.
Gave us confidence to examine our grantmaking by asking and discussing questions related to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the FAC meetings.  In celebration of our 20th anniversary,  introduced the Next Step Awards to engage smaller, diverse and more grass roots nonprofit organizations.
Challenged us to think creatively regarding our signature events to provide the best experience for members, prospective members and nonprofit partners.  The 2020 Annual Awards Celebration prerecorded all eight finalists at the same location with the same technology to ensure a level playing field.  Live streamed the event in September and organized watch parties for 10 members or less. The 2021 Big Reveal was a video announcement with messages from Board members revealing the amount of $413,000 to award in 2021 bringing our total grants to over $6 million in our 20 year history.
Certainly, technology was key to the success of our new way of working, engaging and connecting.  More importantly, our members leveraged their creativity, connections, and passion for Impact 100 to make it a memorable experience with many wins.
We are excited to leverage this same spirit to enhance our experience as we begin to emerge from the pandemic.  Keep up with Impact 100 as we complete the grant review process, begin the Next Step Awards review, announce 2021 Finalists and kickoff the Unplug with Impact series this summer.
If you are interested in learning more or have ideas to enhance the Impact 100 experience please contact us at
Warm Regards,
Annemarie Henkel and Sharon Janosik Mitchell 
Impact 100 Co-Presidents