For Impact 100, we have awarded our 2021 grants and 20th Anniversary Next Step Awards and are excited to celebrate recent recipients on Giving Tuesday – an unmistakable sign that it’s been a successful year.  More importantly, as we enter into the final two months of the year, local nonprofits are beginning the application process for 2022 Letters of Intent – a sure sign to RENEW your membership so we can continue to make a transformational impact in our community.
We are asking you to join us in 2022, as a sign of your support for the power of women together changing lives. It’s as simple as clicking HERE.
There are many reasons members continue to renew their memberships.  We would like to share a few reasons we continue to be members – 17 years and counting.
Connection – meeting, learning and networking with other women who are committed to the strength and vitality of our community for all.  We have made friends from all different neighborhoods, career choices and family backgrounds by participating in Impact 100 committees and events.
Community – we have learned about the opportunities, challenges and solutions within our community. Serving on grant review committees and CIRC have expanded our awareness and insight to the creativity and innovation of the nonprofit community. 
Simplicity – for every 100 women who join as full members, a $100,000 grant is invested in the community. We know our contributions are making an impact with local nonprofits. 
We’d love to hear why you are a member of Impact 100 – please email us at  We’ll share your reasons on social media as inspiration for other members to join us in 2022!
In case you missed it, this is our sign to let you know it’s time to join for 2022.  If you have already joined, thank you—we appreciate your commitment to Impact 100 and making transformational grants in our community.
Warm Regards,
Annemarie Henkel and Sharon Janosik Mitchell