“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”  This quote came up most recently in a high school graduation speech.  It made me think: am I being fearless?  What am I pursuing?  Am I doing what excites me?


Aren’t these the questions of life?!  There is an amazing fearlessness, fervor, and selflessness witnessed through Impact 100 and the women in this organization.  Here’s how I see it:


We are in the final stages of our grant review process.  It is not easy; there are many ways to make an IMPACT in our tri-state region, but where do we begin?  I continue to witness a fearlessness within our women-led committees; a commitment to choosing the strongest one or two Grant Finalists to put forth to Impact 100 membership-at-large.  This “whittling-down” process is challenging.  Thank you to the fearless women who have invested countless hours in this pursuit!


The pursuit of these five Focus Area Committees and Community Investment Review Committee (CIRC) includes financial reviews, in-depth program analysis, and site visits to net in the strongest initiatives in which Impact 100 member contributions can be invested.
Which brings me to what sets my soul on fire: sharing how those Grant Finalist initiatives will impact our region! On June 26, join fellow Impact 100 members at our Meet the Finalists event at Carnegie Hall in Newport. Four of these Grant Finalists will be awarded $104,000 each at the September 13th Annual Awards Celebration at Music Hall.


What sets your soul on fire? If it’s learning about nonprofit programs changing our cities and impacting our neighbors, meeting four of the brightest young philanthropists named to our 2019 class, or being a part of something bigger than yourself, please bring a friend on June 26. Help us light the fire in others, too!  We are grateful to you for sharing Impact 100 with those you know.


Women Together!
Clare Zlatic Blankemeyer
Impact 100 President