Core to the founding mission of Impact 100 is the concept of empowering women through philanthropy. When you take a step back from the hustle and bustle of the grant cycle, it is easy to see that the entire process was designed to do just that for Impact 100 members.
It is our members who put their time and energy into planning the grant cycle, educating our potential nonprofit partners, vetting letters of intent, performing site visits and ultimately selecting our grant recipients. It is our members using their big brains and beautiful hearts, leading the charge to better our world. 
In my time within this organization, I have found that we aren’t just transforming our community through the dollars that we collectively give. We are transforming our community by cultivating confident, strong, supportive, passionate & connected women. 
5 Ways Empowerment is Baked In
  1. By giving our annual donation of $500 or $1,000, we are building a community of women trusting other women, putting our faith in the dynamic power of this giving collective. 
  2. During our focus area committees, we give each other a space to use our voices: to disagree, to debate, to celebrate, to share our perspective and ultimately to connect. 
  3. When we announce our finalists, we are showing up as a collective representing women of all ages, races, geographic locations, and backgrounds. We are stronger in our diversity.
  4. At our Annual Awards Celebration, we empower ourselves through our own process of discernment and selecting the recipients we believe in. 
  5. 90+% of our new members are referrals from current members, which means we are inviting others to join in, have a voice, and become empowered as well. 
Do you have a story of empowerment to share? I’d love to hear it. Connect with me at 
In gratitude, 
Sarah Grace Mohr 
Impact 100 President