When we consider what Impact 100 stands for and the 5 steps of our annual process, it is amazing to think of the energy put forth by volunteers to make it happen!  That energy continues through the nonprofit Grant Recipients who execute lasting change in our community.
So how does it work?  This is a simple way of explaining the Impact 100 process:
Here are 5 “Need-To-Know” facts relating to each step:
  1. Annual Membership: $416,000 in grant funds will be awarded in 2018, thanks to the generosity of over 485 loyal members.  Just over 100 new members are joining for the first time!
  2. Focus Area Committees will review the ~95 nonprofit funding requests (called Letters of Intent, or LOI’s) this week through February.  While nearly one quarter of our membership has signed up to volunteer, it’s never too late to jump in or share your volunteer interests!
  3. Grant Finalists: Each Grant Focus Area Committee will invite select applicants to submit a full Grant Application. After submission, the Focus Area Committees reconvene in late March,  the Community Investment Review Committee (CIRC) does a financial “deep dive” into applicants, members go on site visits, and Grant Finalists will be announced in June.
  4. Awarding Grants: Rest assured that there is incredible due diligence led by Impact members in determining Grant Finalists.  You will have an opportunity to LEARN and then VOTE to determine where 4 grants of $104,000 each will be awarded in September.
  5. Local Charities: 100% of your membership supports transformational and measurable nonprofit expansion, capital, technical assistance, or start-up initiatives.
Want to discuss the process more in depth?  Email me anytime at president@impact100.org.
Looking forward to seeing you at upcoming Impact 100 events!
Clare Zlatic Blankemeyer
Impact 100 President