It is times like this in which I could not be more honored to be part of this collective: a group of women whose passion is activated through philanthropy to build a thriving community. In case you haven’t heard, the September 13 Annual Awards Celebration was an amazing celebration of our six grant finalists at Music Hall.

After awarding four Grant Recipients at the event, we were made aware of a voting error.   The Board of Directors came together and unanimously determined the most appropriate resolution: in fairness to the quality of all finalists and in honor of our philanthropic mission & commitment to integrity, Impact 100 would award each of the six finalists with a $104,000 grant.

We agreed to this because it was the right thing to do, but we did not have the funds to actualize this decision. 100% of our member contributions were already committed. It was like deciding to go to the moon without a rocket.

We started investigating how to make this happen by explaining the situation to our trusted community network.  We were overwhelmed at the generosity of a local foundation who immediately, yet anonymously, agreed to support these two additional grants.

This is the power of Impact. We are humbled by this generous response that shows trust and the credibility of Impact 100’s grant review process that our valued members make possible.

What an amazing opportunity: to invest $624,000 in six deserving and well-vetted Grant Recipients ($208,000 from the foundation plus $416,000 pooled by members!) who are welcoming immigrants, providing meals for the food insecure, developing new job training for those with employment barriers, creating safe spaces for diverse children to play, engaging foster youth in the outdoors, and ensuring dignified health care for people experiencing homelessness.

Thank you for your faith and trust. We are proactively answering a few questions below to continue to build your faith and trust in our organization.   Your outpouring of positive responses to this generosity has exuded the spirit of philanthropy in Impact 100 that brings me hope.

Let’s keep shooting for the moon!Save the date and join us in celebrating EACH of our six 2018 Grant Recipients at the November 27th Giving Tuesday event.   Share the impact; this ripple certainly started because of you and keeps going, thanks to YOU!

Clare Zlatic Blankemeyer
President | On Behalf of Impact 100  Board of Directors