Our path in 2020 was much like many others. It was a year of turning inward, reflecting on what is our to do, and reconnecting with what is truly important. We found ways to collaborate, celebrate, and create community in our new digital world. It seems fitting that 2020 was a year of reflection and recommitment as it marked the close of one phase of our evolution, and 2021 will usher in the next phase of Impact 100. 
2021 is our twentieth year, a milestone many nonprofits never reach. We’ve achieved this milestone through the leadership, passion, and tenacity of our members. It’s a BIG year, so we’ve asked all our past presidents to help us kick it off! 
We asked past presidents to share their wish for Impact 100 for the next 20 years, their most cherished memory from the past 20 years, or both. 

My most cherished memory….

  • My most cherished memories of Impact 100 are the incredible mission-driven people I’ve met these past 20 years since being a founding member.  From wonderful fellow Impact Presidents, Board members, and members to amazing non-profit leaders, I feel inspired and blessed to have connected through our shared mission of community service through Impact 100.  Further, I’ve loved sharing the Impact 100 model with many cities beyond Cincinnati to magnify our collective impact. – Sue Baggot
  • My most cherished memories are hearing from our nonprofit partners about the impact on the lives of their clients they serve, as a result of the grants they’ve received.  In addition, I’ve always enjoyed bringing guests to events and having them join! – Jenny Berg 
  • My most cherished memories revolve around the initial Board’s brainstorming sessions that culminated in the first Annual Meeting and the grant to the Dental Clinic in Over-the-Rhine.  The discussions were lengthy – the details mind-boggling. – Ellie Berghausen
  • I most cherish the ability to share Impact 100 with my daughters and to see how it has positively impacted their lives and their willingness to give to others as well. – Donna Broderick 
  • The Annual Awards Celebration (AAC) — it’s like Thanksgiving Christmas and my birthday rolled into one.  I connect and reconnect with some of my favorite women — for some, this is the one time of year I see them, others it’s a colleague or friend I see often and I love it when it’s a new member to Impact 100 that I know from another part of my life.  I always leave the event thankful, inspired and honored to be part of such a group that has philanthropy at its core and makes me proud to be a member for 15 years! – Annemarie Henkel
  • My most cherished Impact 100 memories are the smiles on the faces of the grant recipients when they realize they’ve received a grant award, and they’ll be able to creatively serve many more members of the community.  It’s been awesome to experience the excitement of grant recipients when they realize they will be able to carry out a new, innovative program that they’ve dreamt about, shaped, and hoped they might someday be able to offer. – Sharon Mitchell
  • My most cherished memories of Impact 100 are not really of the past, but of the present. They are the lasting friendships that have been built with so many amazing members of Impact 100. – Elaine Suess
  • Some of my most cherished memories and relationships have come from Impact 100: both with fellow women and with nonprofit partners.  Why?  Because we have engaged in tough conversations about important issues in our region and became stronger as a result.   Because we’ve worked on running a nonprofit together – no small lift!  Because we’ve shone a light on critical equity issues.  Because we’ve celebrated new babies, deaths of loved ones, and major life transitions.  Because we’ve learned from the successes and challenges of executing new nonprofit efforts via our grant recipients.  Because our members and our nonprofit partners are coming at this work from vastly different experiences, yet have a common belief in positively impacting the world in which we live. – Clare Zlatic Blankemeyer

My wish for the next 20 years….

  • My wish for Impact 100 is to continue to fulfill our mission to empower women around our nation and our world to come together with their collective wisdom and collective giving to powerfully change lives in their communities.  – Sue Baggot
  • My wish for Impact 100 for the next 20 years is to build on the strength of the last 20 years and work towards becoming a more equitable funder.  – Jenny Berg
  • And my wish for the next 20 years?  Another 20+ years of foresightful women working together to improve the quality of life in Greater Cincinnati – Ellie Berghausen
  • I have many memories and continue to support Impact 100 as a member for 17 years now because it truly does adhere to its mission and transform the lives of not only its grant recipients but its members as well while adapting and changing as needed as it has matured during its first 20 years. – Donna Broderick 
  • My wish for the next 20 years is that Impact 100 continues to stimulate, encourage, and drive creative new programs in our community. And that Impact 100 continues to bring together philanthropic women in our community to be a force for positive change. I’ve tremendously enjoyed my Impact 100 friends and colleagues – and I hope future generations of members have the opportunity for an equally wonderful experience. – Sharon Mitchell 
  • My wish for Impact 100 over the next 20 years is to continue to deliver on our core mission of empowering women and transforming lives while continually iterating ourselves into an ever more equitable and thriving collective. – Sarah Grace Mohr
  • My wish for Impact 100 in the next 20 years is that it continues to engage a diverse group of like-minded women who will support efforts to make the community a better place for all; form lasting friendships in this effort; together make a bigger difference than they might on their own. – Elaine Suess
  • My wish for the long haul of Impact 100 is that women – together – continue to unite our collective strengths to bring about positive change: change within the organization, our communities, each other, and ourselves.  – Clare Zlatic Blankemeyer
It seems the connections we create and the impact we make are at the core of what the Impact 100 past presidents hold dear. As the saying goes, “If you want to go fast, go together. If you want to go far, go together”. Impact 100 has been and will continue to be a living testament to this ideal. 

Happy 2-0 Impact 100!!!