I hope this note finds you and your loved ones safe and healthy.  The COVID-19 pandemic is truly novel, and continues to impact our lives, our communities, and our nation in ways none of us could have ever imagined.

I wanted to take a moment to send another update about Impact 100 and share with you some of the decisions we have recently made, and also some assurance that we are focused on our mission to empower each other, the nonprofits we serve, and our community during this time of crisis.

Since I last communicated with you, a COVID-19 Response Subcommittee was formed to answer, or at the very least gain some understanding of these two questions:

  1. What is Impact 100 called to do during this crisis that aligns with our mission, vision and values?
  2. What is Impact 100 uniquely positioned to do during this crisis?

Since our first meeting on the 23rd we’ve spent over 100 collective hours asking lots of questions, critically listening to those around us, and collecting the wisdom we’ve been given from our peers in the collective giving space, our current nonprofit partners and our 2020 grant applicants.

We ask that you, our members, join us on April 9th at noon for a virtual Town Hall Meeting to discuss our vision of how we might move forward.

Continuing the Grant Review Process Virtually

Three weeks ago, the Board made the decision to virtually host board meetings and to postpone the FAC meetings until the week of April 13th.  As a testament to how quickly this situation is evolving, at that time there were no “stay at home” orders in place in the Tristate.  Now, Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana have a form of a “stay at home” order in place.  In accordance we these orders, we are continuing to operate remotely.  If you participate on one of these committees, you should have received communication from your chair(s) about upcoming dates and how to log into the online meeting.  If you have not received a communication, please reach out to our Grant Review Coordinator, Kathy Thornton

Making Financially Responsible Decisions

Impact 100’s financial situation is stable and carefully managed by our finance chair, Clare O’Brien and the Finance Committee.  Impact 100 is able and willing to meet all of our grant obligations for the 12 nonprofits of the grant cycle.  Additionally, we have enough operating funds to meet our expenses for the next several months.

Staying Nimble

We, as you, are trying to find our strength in the vulnerability that comes from the unknown. I don’t know when this will end. I don’t know what the world will look like when its done. I don’t know when I will truly feel safe again… and maybe the hardest thing of all, I don’t know when I will feel in control and confident again.

I do know, however, that this team of 24 women is resilient, passionate and nimble. We are a team willing to have hard conversations and support each other through this time of uncertainty. At times, I may not have much confidence in myself, but I always have immense confidence in this collective, and you should too.

We are taking these times day-by-day, and sometimes it seems, hour-by-hour. We will weather this storm and come out stronger. Thank you in advance for trusting us to guide Impact 100 through this and your graciousness as we navigate, sometimes awkwardly, the journey.


You Belong Here

On March 18th our board spent the majority of our meeting discussing this crisis and how we might pivot. Overwhelmingly and across functional teams, the theme was clear: You Belong Here.

Every member expressed a desire to take this opportunity to create more intimacy within our community of members, nonprofits, sponsors and other stakeholders. Now more than ever, we need each other. We need to learn and listen and share. While none of us are clear on exactly what this might look like there is an incredible passion. If you feel passionate about helping us build stronger ties within our community, please reach out to Stacy Gendelman.


Supporting our Community

Impact 100 was founded on the principle of caring for and giving back to our Greater Cincinnati community.  We have a long, rich history of being generous to the communities we serve.

For the last few weeks, all we’ve been able to offer is an open heart, a listening ear and a sturdy shoulder to help our community share the weight of all this fear and uncertainty.

Again, we hope you join us for our Town Hall on April 9th so we may move forward and fulfill Impact 100’s mission AND respond to this crisis.

Each of us has been called to adapt in many different ways over the last few weeks. I have no doubt that the strength of our board, membership, and stakeholders will continue to support each other to respond with creativity, innovative ideas, and compassion. My promise to you is that we will navigate this novel situation together – whether virtually or by phone — as best as we can and know how, so we can be here for each other and the community for decades to come.

Please be safe and thank you again for your support and understanding.

In gratitude,

Sarah Grace Mohr
Impact 100 Cincinnati

PS: To stay up-to-date on all COVID-19 related communication please bookmark: https://impact100.org/?s=COVID-19