Recruiting for the 2022 Impact Year is well underway, and we already have over $312,000 committed.  Everyone is working hard to get to at least $400,000 – which would enable us to award four $100,000 grants.  You can help by bringing a friend or colleague to Impact 100 – there is no better time than now!  Please share the Impact 100 story and help us award at least four grants in 2022. 
The number of members committing to 110% memberships (the extra 10% covers administrative costs) is our highest ever at ~40%.  We thank these 110% members – and really appreciate your spirit of giving!  If you haven’t already, please consider an additional 10% contribution for 2022. These extra 10% contributions are critical in keeping Impact 100 a thriving organization.
The new 2022 Impact 100 Board was approved last month, and will begin work in January.  We are fortunate to have a Board of 23 talented, committed women serving the organization.  They include:
  • Kathy Thornton, President
  • Janet Collins, Vice President; President-Elect and Grant Review Team Chair
  • Kate Burroughs, Vice President; PR and Marketing Chair
  • Nancy Keyser, Vice President; Membership Chair
  • Rose Palmieri, Vice President; Grant Review Coordinator
  • Becky Beckstedt, Secretary
  • Peg Dierkers, Treasurer
  • Caroline Bieser, Grant Review Team Chair
  • Lisa DiGate, Nonprofit Coordinator
  • Stacy Gendelman, Grant Review Team Chair
  • JoAnn Hagopian, Recruiting Co-Chair
  • Deanna Hillard, Nonprofit Outreach
  • Sherry Holcomb, Membership Co-Chair
  • Barbara Magella, CIRC Chair and Finance Chair
  • Sarah Grace Mohr, Website Chair
  • Nickol Mora, Communications Chair
  • Lisa O’Brien, Grant Review Team Chair
  • Taisha Rojas-Parker, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Chair
  • Reagan Smith, Grant Review Team Chair
  • Rhonda Starghill, Development Chair
  • Janet Sullivan, Volunteer Engagement Chair
  • Nicole Ware, Signature Events Chair
  • Barbara Wriston-Ruddy, Recruiting Chair
We’d like to extend a special thanks to the members of the 2021 Board for their outstanding leadership, service, passion and flexibility during an unusual two years of virtual and “small” in-person activities and events.  They’ve left a solid foundation for continued growth.  We’re sad to say farewell to departing Board members – Deepika Andavarapu, Jenny Berg, Rhiannon Hoeweler, Afrooz Kharazmi, Valerie Millinovich, and Emily Schmidt.
We’ll also be rolling off the Board – having completed our term as Co-Presidents.  It was a year filled with exciting milestones, wonderful grants, a 20th Anniversary celebration, the inaugural Next Step Awards, and lots of fun working with this collegial and talented group of women leaders.  We’ll miss working with them!!!
In addition to our talented Board members, our committee members are invaluable to the work of Impact 100. We encourage all our members to serve on an Impact 100 Committee. There are many, diverse opportunities including:
·      Grant Review Teams
·      Communications & Marketing Committee
·      Community Investment Review Committee (CIRC)
·      Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee
·      Finance Committee
·      Membership and Recruiting Committee
·      Tech Committee
Please watch the newsletter and website for Committee/Team sign-up instructions.
Have a very Happy Holiday, and a Peaceful and Happy New Year.
Warm Regards,
Sharon Janosik Mitchell and Annemarie Henkel
Impact 100 Co-Presidents