Thank you to the 2019 Board of Directors for their outstanding leadership, service, passion and hard work. We’re sad to say farewell to our departing board members who have completed their term: Kristen Wevers (Public Relations & Marketing), Teresa Benson (Finance and Community Investment Review Committee), Christine Dauenhauer (Recruiting), and Caroline Bieser (Focus Area Chair).


Welcome Barbara Magella (Finance Chair), Lisa O’Brien (Focus Area Chair), Deborah Merritt (Nonprofit Outreach), Kate Burroughs (Marketing& PR), Kimberly Richards (Secretary). Fran Bitzer  (Signature Events) and Barb Wriston-Ruddy (Recruiting Co-Chair).
The new 2020 Impact 100 Board has been elected.  Impact 100 is  fortunate to have 24 talented, committed women serving the organization, below. 
  1. Sarah Grace Mohr, President
  2. Kathy Thornton, Grant Review Coordinator, Vice President
  3. Terri Abare, Focus Area Chair
  4. Jenny Berg, Focus Area Chair
  5. Cindy Givens, Nonprofit Coordinator
  6. Afrooz Kharazmi, Focus Area Chair
  7. Barb Magella, Finance Chair, CIRC Chair
  8. Deborah Merritt, Nonprofit Outreach
  9. Becky Scheeler, Focus Area Chair
  10. Lisa O’Brien, Focus Area Chair
  11. Shannon Yung, Membership Chair, Vice President
  12. Deepika Andavarapu, Equity Chair
  13. Stacy Gendelman, Recruiting Chair
  14. Rhiannon Hoeweler, Membership Co-Chair
  15. Rose Palmieri, Volunteer Engagement Coordinator
  16. Barb Wriston-Ruddy, Recruiting Co-Chair
  17. Clare Zlatic Blankemeyer, Past President, Governance Chair
  18. Kate Burroughs, PR/Marketing Chair, Vice President
  19. Clare O’Brien, Treasurer
  20. Kimberly Richards, Secretary
  21. Erin Arnold, Webmaster Chair
  22. Fran Bitzer, Signature Events Chair
  23. Laureen McCorkle, Development Chair
  24. Emily Schmidt, Communications Chair