Volunteer – Get Involved in 2022
We’d love to have you join a committee or volunteer – – if you’d like to!  We’re a guilt-free membership, but also have plenty of ways for you to lend a hand. Standing (year-round) and seasonal committees need your help! Join us and choose volunteer opportunities that best meet your schedule and match your interests.
If you are interested in joining a committee (Marketing, Events, Membership, Recruiting, Grant Review) or volunteering – we could certainly use a hand!   Share your preference for committee or volunteer participation HERE.
Our Grant Review Teams (GRT)/Community Investment Review Committee (CIRC) meetings will be a mix of in-person and virtual in 2022.  
·       Ruby Team – Mondays 11:00 am – Virtual
·       Emerald Team – Tuesdays 6:30 pm – Virtual
·       Sapphire Team – Wednesdays 10:30 am – Pleasant Ridge, OH
·       Pearl Team – Wednesdays 6:30 pm – Bellevue, KY
·       Diamond Team – Thursdays 9:00 am – Hybrid (Virtual & Kenwood, OH)
·       Community Investment Review Committee (CIRC), Thursdays  6:30 pm – Virtual (beginning April 7, 2022)
Letter of Intent Reviews will take place January 24 through February 11, 2022. The Letter of Intent is a mini version of a full “Common Grant” request designed to help understand the nonprofit’s mission, the need they are addressing and how they plan to meet that need. Letters of Intent are reviewed by GRTs to determine which proposals move forward (maximum 3 weekly meetings) to the full grant review process. 
Common Grant Application Reviews will take place March 21 through April 8, 2022.  Site Visits will take place in April through May, 2022.  The teams will meet to review the submitted Common Grant Applications, determine which will move forward to site visits and conduct an in-depth financial review which will be audited by the Community Investment Review Committee (CIRC). CIRC will begin to meet April 7, 2022.  At the conclusion of the site visits and the in-depth financial review, one or more candidates from each Grant Review Team will be recommended as finalists.  
Finalists will be announced to our members in late June, 2022.  Members will cast their votes during our Annual Awards Celebration in September 2022 to determine which finalists are awarded a grant.
Recall, in the December newsletter we announced that after a year of research, study, and dialogue, Impact 100 will implement some exciting changes to our Grant Review Process for 2022.  We will continue to have five (5) teams reviewing our Letters of Intent,  Grant Applicants, and conducting site visits. We are changing the name of our former Focus Area Committees to Grant Review Teams. Each of the five (5) Grant Review Teams (GRTs) will have an equitable mix of applications from all focus areas (which are self-selected by applicants) and all sizes of nonprofits (based on organizational budget). Some of the reasons for these changes include:
1) Changing the language from committees to teams better reflects the collaborative nature of the work.
2) Each Grant Review Team will receive the same number of Letters of Intent (LOIs). This makes the review process of each team more equitable in terms of numbers of applications to review.
3) The mix of applicants from a variety of nonprofits will potentially expand the philanthropic perspective of members as they review applications.
4) The mix of nonprofit applications will give further exposure to members to a greater diversity of community needs and to the potential solutions to community challenges and
5) Members will have more flexibility in choosing day/time/style of team meetings as all teams will have a mix of focus areas. 
In addition to these changes, we are incorporating a resource surrounding equity in grant making and understanding disparities within today’s social challenges. This role will be known as Equity Champions and each GRT will have a champion(s). Role description included in the Impact 100 need YOU! volunteer recruitment article below.