Impact 100 members are the heart and soul of our organization and without you, regional, transformational grants would not be possible.  In this time of social distancing, Impact 100 is in the process of creating opportunities for members to be “in touch”, while in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Below are brief descriptions of what Impact 100 is planning for the coming months for you to look forward to
1.  A CALL TO YOU: Our Impact 100 board will be making 1 on 1 phone calls to all members to hear how you are doing in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.  This is our way of making a personal connection with you. This enables you to share your experience, ask questions regarding upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.
2.  LIVE with Impact 100! (Formerly Spread the Words) 
Each virtual meet-up will be 40 minutes long. They will include: 
  • A brief welcome by an Impact 100 Host
  • An overview of Impact 100, including our mission & history
  • A nonprofit grant recipient will share its mission, how an Impact grant benefited their organization and how they are coping with the pandemic.   
It’s a great opportunity to invite your friends to an event without leaving the comfort of your home! 
3.  Impact 100 Step Up A creative opportunity for Impact members and guests to “get out” while following the prescribed social distancing guidelines. For each experience, small groups of Impact members and guests, will visit historically relevant parts of our region’s history by climbing one of 400 sets of steps in Cincinnati.  Each hike adventure will include an Impact 100 Grant Recipient, who is connected, in some fashion, to this path.  
This is a great way to get out, exercise, meet some folks and learn something new!
Visit our calendar for events, registration and other pertinent information.