Impact 100 is volunteer-driven, and our members use their diverse skills and talents to make this organization great.  That includes our leadership.  Our Board of Directors are full members who are passionate about the experience of being involved in Impact 100 and our operational and financial health.  These members are willing to step up and share their unique influence and impact to our organization.  Would you consider a Board of Directors position?  Requirements to be an Impact 100 Board member:

  • Full Member of Impact 100 Cincinnati
  • Serve a full 3-year term
  • Attend at minimum 10 of the 12 monthly board meetings annually
  • Attend all 4 annual signature events (The Big Reveal, Meet the Finalists, Annual Awards Celebration & Giving Tuesday)
  • Participate in the annual Board retreat (usually held on a Sunday in February)
  • Dedicate the time needed to deliver your Board role. The time commitment varies for each position on the board and ranges from 2-12 hours/week.

Board members do not have a specific new member recruitment goal, but we always encourage our members to share their passion for Impact 100 within their own networks.  Also, no public speaking is required for most board roles.

Here is a list of Board roles (* Executive Committee Member).  Each role has a specific job description that can be reviewed if you are interested in a role.

  • President *
  • Nonprofit Relations:
    • Grant Review Coordinator *
    • Focus Area Chair for Education
    • Focus Area Chair for Health & Wellness
    • Focus Area Chair for Environment, Preservation & Recreation
    • Focus Area Chair for Culture
    • Focus Area Chair for Family
    • Nonprofit Coordinator
    • Nonprofit Outreach Coordinator
    • Finance & CIRC Chair
  • Membership & Recruiting:
    • Membership Chair *
    • Equity Chair
    • Recruiting Chair
    • Membership Co-Chair
    • Volunteer Engagement Coordinator
    • Recruiting Co-Chair
  • Identity & Operations
    • PR/Marketing Chair *
    • Treasurer *
    • Secretary *
    • Website Chair
    • Signature Events Chair
    • Development Chair
    • Communications Chair

We also have advisory roles:

  • Governance Chair (often held by a prior board member)
  • Nominating Chair
  • Young Philanthropist Liaison
  • Bookkeeper
  • Impact 100 Chapter Ambassador
  • Reimbursement Coordinator

Leaders in Impact 100 come from all over the community and each brings her own unique influence and impact to our organization.  Would you consider a Board of Directors position?  Do you have an interest in learning more about these roles?  Are you ready to invest your time and energy in governing, leading, and working towards the fulfillment of Impact 100’s mission?  If so, please email Nominating Committee Chair, and someone will be happy to discuss options that meet your interests and skills.