YOU Are Called to Action: A message from our Equity Chair


At the April 30th EDU Event, facilitators called us to action in our equity journey to become more engaged; in particular, GCF is offering a series of events, conducted by the Racial Equity Institute (REI), to focus on understanding and addressing the root causes of racism.  (Free & open to the public)  100% of Impact 100’s Executive Committee is committed to participating in REI.  The majority of the Board has committed to participate in the training by the end of this year.

Below are additional action items from the April 30th EDU Event:

Sherman Bradly – Implicit Bias

Key Message: By now most people in the workplace would agree that diversity matters, but diversity doesn’t automatically produce inclusion. What’s the difference? you might ask. How does inclusion help us meet our organizational goals? We’re together, but we’re not really…together. Why is that? Because all of us have hidden biases that influence our decision making and overcoming them is tricky. There are innate inclinations we all share that end up dividing workplaces and communities. We can’t just give mental assent to the fact that ‘Different is Good;’ we need to harness the skill and confidence to embrace the great outcomes that are produced in inclusive environments.

Follow Up: Please share your thoughts on Sherman’s talk on his facebook page GoodFit (@GoodFitNetwork) and like his page at

If your group or company is interested in bringing Sherman to your organization, please reach out to schedule.

Also, if you have reflections and photos, please consider “tagging” his page and sharing with him.

His contact info is: Sherman Bradley, CEO,, 513-615-2201

Dora Anim- Greater Cincinnati Foundation- Racial Equity Matters Training

Key message:

  • Greater Cincinnati Foundation’s research shows people in our region are not comfortable talking about race;
  • Racial disparities are affecting us all: Hamilton County’s economy could have been nearly $10 Billion stronger in 2014 alone if racial gaps in income were eliminated;
  • We need to close the gap as our region will be majority people of color in 2040 (4 years sooner than that of the US);
  • Important to have conversations about race – We cannot address things we cannot understand;
  • GCF is proud to offer the Racial Equity Matters training series free to the community to help us understand the basics and talking about race and racism

Follow Up: Register for Groundwater (4 hours), Phase 1 (2 full days) for dates in 2019. Here is the link with upcoming availability:

Eileen Cooper-Reed- All In Coalition

Key message:  The All-In Cincinnati Coalition led the Policy Link’s research on Equity in the Greater Cincinnati region. Policy Link used both quantitative and qualitative measures to study the racial inequities in our community.  The report is titled, ‘Equity is the Path to Prosperity’ and is available for download here. The coalition will work on identifying and addressing inequities in the region.

Follow Up:  Contact Michael Coffey for more information about these meetings. Typical meeting cadence is the fourth Thursday of the month.

Melanie Gomez- Little Village, City Gospel Mission

Key Message: Little Village is the newest addition to City Gospel Mission and provides a space where families can connect with each other and support each other.  While Little Village is primarily providing a service, they are also addressing a deeper systemic issue: kindergarten readiness. A vast majority of African American youth and other kids of color are often ill-prepared for kindergarten. Kindergarten readiness is related to third-grade reading, which studies show can predict future self-sufficiency: from drop out statistics to incarceration.  Addressing kindergarten readiness and better preparing kids will address some deeper systemic issues.

Follow Up:  Learn more about the program here.

We hope you will stay engaged in Impact 100’s DEI efforts.

Please email me back if you are interested in joining our next DEI champions meeting on the Fourth Thursday of the month or would like to be involved in this space in an ongoing basis.

Deepika Andavarapu, AICP, PhD

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee Chair

Impact 100