The 2019 Grant Review Process is near completion!  150 Focus Area Committee members have completed their site visits, chosen finalists, and passed these along to CIRC (Community Investment Review Committee) to verify their viability. THANKS to all volunteers who have donated their time to discern the strongest nonprofit initiatives.  What else is happening behind the scenes? So many moving parts!

Here is the Cliffs Notes version of a few of those moving parts to catch you up to speed – and these are not even ALL of them:

  • Learning about the critical barriers to equity due to racial inequities and implicit bias at April’s IMPACT EDU;
  • Engaging UC Serves faculty and staff volunteers in interviewing grant recipients and helping with a member-mailer (check your mailbox!)
  • Cross-testing a new digital voting software;
  • Getting a HUGE jump on the “Spread the Word” calendar; please take a look at all upcoming events and invite a friend!
  • Interviewing current and prospective board members via the Nominating Committee. Did you miss the webinar on our board leadership structure?  No worries! It’ll be live online soon.
  • Hosting New Member Coffees around town; so much fun!
  • Trending membership data to glean insights via the “Data Team.”
  • Reviewing Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Young Philanthropists Program scholarship applicants via the review committee.
  • Communicating with all Impact 100 grant applicants regarding their status in our grant cycle.
  • Selecting Finalists and preparing Finalists for the June 27th Meet the Finalists Event!

ALL these actions completed by WOMEN!  This level of passion and dedication for Impact 100 is contagious! When you share your excitement and enthusiasm for Impact with friends & family over coffee or by bringing them to an Impact 100 event you are helping Impact 100 transform more lives.

Sharing our mission with other women is ongoing – it’s not time-bound or specific to the end of the year.  YOUR help is important to continue investing in the community. We are grateful to you for sharing Impact 100 with those you know.

We hope to see you on June 27th – when we meet our 2019 Grant Finalists, four of whom will be awarded one of our $109,000 grants!

Have a wonderful summer!

All the best,

Clare Zlatic Blankemeyer

President, Impact 100