Literacy Network Submits Their Final Grant Report

Literacy Network of Greater Cincinnati (LNGC), 2014 Impact 100 Grant Recipient, submitted their final grant report to Impact 100 in July. LNGC’s Impact 100 funding goals included the expansion of adult and child literacy programs by 4 classes in Price Hill and Avondale over a two year period, including assessment of class members.  Per their final report, LNGC was able to expand to five total sessions in these neighborhoods, exceeding their initial goals.

  • Adult Classes: the students in the two classes averaged a 1.5 grade level increase in word attack skills with a few of the students reaching the 5th/6th grade level, which is the ultimate goal.
  • Children’s Classes: students who were in the class for two years averaged a 2.4 grade level increase in word attack skills over two years! This exceeds the goal of 2 grade levels over two years. The classes helped many of these students catch up to grade level reading.
Here’s an excerpt from the LNGC Final Report:
“The teacher instructed students to put their plastic alphabet letters in order in front of them. One little boy was clearly struggling, with this seemingly easy task for a third-grader. You could see on his face he was embarrassed and eventually needed help to complete the task”
Within six months with LNGC’s support, that “child was able to put his alphabet in order quickly and correctly, he was sounding out the letters accurately and beginning to put words together. What a big change in such a short time! Your funding is helping students like this little boy who may fall behind in the traditional classroom. For him, the multi-sensory approach to learning helped him face his struggles head on and may have helped to change the course of his future educational success!”